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  1. I know I am years later but I was hoping if anyone can give me an idea of the schedule for the OBGYN residency and acceptance rate please?
  2. When I lived in GA, I did a lot of cold calls and emails to ask all PAs around my area for me to shadow. Luckily, I was able to find a couple to shadow. To respect their privacy, I will not give their contacts but that is one way to get the shadow hours.
  3. It depends on what you want. If you love ortho then do ortho. If you love EM then do EM. the more experience in the field you want the better. If you feel like you want more practice with FM or IM then do another one to strengthen your skills. If you have interest in a specialty and don't know if you want to go in it or not then try it out. For instance, I always thought I wanted to do in anything surgery related. I did a rotation in plastic surgery to improve my suturing skills and I was able to rule out plastics as a future career but the experience was amazing. Regardless, I'm sure you will learn something new!
  4. I've taken classes at CC to save money and time while I was taking classes in my university. You will be fine. If you are still nervous, then I would call the school to clarify.
  5. My friend in PA school has a 5 year old child and she was always stressed out about her child. She managed to pass school but it was marginally passing. I don't know if she passed the Pance. Her family support system was not great and her husband was always working which impeded her learning greatly. She always had to leave early and try her best to find a sitter. Fortunately, she had friends like me who would send her notes and give her the "must knows to just pass the test" 10 minutes before the test! I highly recommend deferring. Maybe do a small trial run with your family to set up your future schedule in PA school? Try taking one free/cheap community class in like medical spanish or microbiology (something that will help you as a PA or in PA school). It can even be one hour of youtube classes and tests on quizlet but make sure you are gone from home! Slowly start adding more classes to help you, your husband, your family, your friends, and most importantly your baby get used to your schedule and all those classes you've taken will refresh your brain to make your didactic year somewhat easier. Also, take this time to find a baby sitter you trust. Family members can suddenly become unavailable to babysit even if they are retired. I do believe with the right support system, you can definitely make it. Best of luck!
  6. I recently graduated from a school similar to the "second program". I was the first cohort. I can tell you if I was accepted to a better school I would take it unfortunately this school was the only one that took me but you go where you can. The process was a mess. I was constantly stress about getting the proper education because everything was so crazy. I was part of the fortunate few souls that had amazing clinical rotations which helped a lot. The staff did care about our education but was always disorganized. Example: we were taught hematology for three semester while OB/GYN for 2 weeks due to miscommunication between the professors. We didn't even learn half of what our third cohort got in our didactic year. I can honestly say the reason why most of our classmates passed the PANCE was because we would have regular sessions after class to educate ourselves via youtube and PANCE PREP PEARLS and forced the school to pay for kaplan 3 months before we graduated.
  7. Thank you for your advice! I decided not to take the job and will be negotiating another contract at another practice. Fingers crossed!
  8. I tried to negotiate and it was barely better.
  9. Hi MT2PA, thank you for your opinion. I felt it was horrible offer too esp with the 1099 but wanted some second opinions. I'm going to try to negotiate. I knoq 55/hr is not great for UC but as a new grad i thought it was a okay if it was W-2 anyway.
  10. Hello fellow colleagues! I am a new grad PA and I need your help. I got a job offer at an urgent care but I'm unsure if I want to accept it. I am in SoCal. 2 weeks training. The UC sees 20-30 patients at one location while 35-50 at another. Base pay: 55+ (no bonuses) malpractice with tail NO CME and PTO Have yet to talk about health insurance and retirement. It's 1099 NOT W-2
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