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  1. Fact: I was not kicked out, I voluntarily withdrew, and I declined their offer to decelerate and return the following year.
  2. I do not want to get into a tit for tat with PAS1throwaway, but you brought it up, so let’s be transparent about the incident to which you refer. In a hallway during/after an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination), a student, undoubtedly disliked by the faculty, is commiserating with 3 or 4 other students as they had all just made the same silly mistake. During which, a professor stepped out from an adjoining room, made eye contact with each one of them, and told them to be quiet. A few days later, this student was reprimanded for academic dishonesty. They further stated that he alone was being reprimanded because the professor was unable to identify the other students, (a nonsensical lie). Talking during an OSCE, granted, is a violation of the academic integrity policy; however, there are a couple of points that should be recognized. Firstly, talking in the hallway during an OSCE is fairly commonplace at this program, and in this case, there were a group of students talking, yet only one student was reprimanded. Secondly, it was clear there existed no intention to cheat or help another student cheat, in fact, the faculty voluntarily stated as such during the reprimanding. With that said, I believe your comment, “You had a fair chance until you were reprimanded for academic dishonesty.” to be not only despicable, so far as you continue to smear this student, but it clearly affirms my earlier post that the faculty deliberately targets certain students in a campaign to force them out of the program. To your other point, I am not trying to spread false rumors, I am offering applicants a perspective I wish I had. You’re “selling” a product which you have carefully packaged. But your program does not even remotely resemble the program you advertised. You are so obsessed with getting a 100% PANCE pass rate and building the reputation of your program that you are unable or unwilling to see the madness to your method, not to mention indifference to the potential PA careers you ruin. PA school should be the most difficult 28 months of one’s life; it should not be the most miserable. Pause for a moment and ask yourselves, is the spirit of what it is to be Physician Assistant reflected the program you created? Your program is void of any empathy or compassion. You have a cohort that is beyond miserable and exist every moment terrified of getting on your “naughty list”. You may get a 100% pass rate, but what kind of PA’s are you molding and at what cost? PA school is so competitive that a PA applicant gets one shot, no school is going to admit someone who withdrew from another program, regardless of circumstance. You let in more than you intend on graduating and systematically target the weaker students in the cohort to maximize your scores on the PANCE and develop your program's reputation. But these students who are not as strong memorizers, or take a little longer to master the material, or ask too many questions in class, or are too quiet, or too loud, or too shy...., these students you think are not the best of the best of the best; some, if not many, could have made excellent PA’s. Think about that before you dismiss your next student. They clearly had the credentials to get admitted into your program and likely other programs, maybe it is you that is failing, not them. Think about this before you throw around your next reprimanded for academic dishonesty. For many of us still take that accusation incredibly seriously.
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