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  1. Hey! Congrats on getting an interview! Honestly, be yourself and respectful, and know your application. It is super low stress. They just want to get to know your personality and how you get along with others. Yes, the interviews will be part group and part individual!
  2. Last year when the list was finalized, we got an email with everyone's email addresses and names. They did that incase anyone wanted to try finding roommates and what not. Our class made a FB group after the list was final. Hang tight, the details will come out!
  3. You could probably email Shonda and ask her when exactly they may start pulling off of waitlist pool.
  4. Congrats to all of you that have been accepted so far! Hopefully you guys decide to come to UC! I am excited to meet all of you!
  5. yupp!! they should be coming shortly after memorial weekend!!! all the best to everyone! i cant wait too meet you all!!!
  6. I am excited to see those of you that decide to join us here in the fall!
  7. Congratulations to those of you that had your interviews today! I am sure you all did great! Good luck to tomorrow's interviewees! I am sure you guys will kill it!
  8. Good luck for those of you that have interviews tomorrow!
  9. Congratulations to all of you for getting interviews! you guys will do great! do not stress! go with the flow, and bare with the faculty and staff as they navigate through online interview platform!
  10. As of right now, it will be done via zoom video. As far as one-one or group that is unknown, it can be either or combo.
  11. Hello, Interviews begin first week of May. Going online is an all-new for many universities with COVID going on. Do not stress, just be yourself, and be patient with the process. Treat the interview as if it were an in-person interview in regards to preparing for interview questions. The faculty/staff are very approachable. I know that does not give you much information but hopefully it helps the anxiety.
  12. they should be starting around April/May....if yall have questions feel free to ask!
  13. does anyone have an update on whether or not their class has been filled?
  14. i know people were saying there is an accepted students fb page n all, you know how many students are on that? might give us an idea of how many seats are still available.
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