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  1. I applied sometime around 6/8ish and haven't heard anything yet. I figured they would send out some more interview invites, but I haven't heard anything
  2. OOOO! Yes please. I think that would put a lot of us at ease. They started sending invited early May the last few cycles I've seen!
  3. This initial wait is killing me! I will feel a tad better once people start getting interview invites but radio silence is making me so anxious!!!
  4. Any news yet from anyone? Super unusual for no interview invites.
  5. I was emailed once interviews were completed saying my application was considered competitive so they would keep it on an “interview waitlist” type thing. Then I got another email after the cohort was complete and to thank me for applying! So they do keep you in the loop somewhat! I applied mid June last year so I think I applied too late for my stats but there were people who submitted after me that got interviews.
  6. I know!!! I was thinking the same thing!! I know they are doing interviews July-November this year instead of June-October like last year. My only thought is that they usually give you 2 weeks heads up before interview date so maybe they will start sending out invites next week for the beginning of July interviews.
  7. Just got my email from South verifying my application with them! It did say interviews run from July to November. Has anyone received an interview invite yet?
  8. Officially submitted my application! A little later than I wanted it to be, but it's done!
  9. After taking the GRE three times I physically can't take the test anymore! Haha. I made a 298, 299, and a 300. I feel pretty competitive in other areas of my application, so I'm hoping that I stand out in other areas! Good luck to you and never lose hope!
  10. Hey guys! I figured I would go ahead and open up a new forum for this cycle since the CASPA application opens up in a few days! I applied to South University Savannah last cycle and unfortunately did not get an interview, but I am hopeful this cycle, as I have increased my GRE scores and a full extra year of PCE. This will be my third cycle applying and am pretty familiar with CASPA if you guys have any questions or advice please feel free to share! Good luck to everyone!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm opening this forum for 2021 prospects to South's Savannah campus. I hope to get to know you guys and please post any questions you may have! I applied last year and was not offered an interview, but my application was placed on the interview waitlist, so I do have experience with CASPA if anyone has any questions.
  12. I think they accept around 70-75. That number may have changed from a few years ago, though!
  13. I submitted my application and it was verified June 10th, haven't heard anything yet. But I hear no news is good news!
  14. Congrats to you guys that were already accepted!! Hopefully I will get an invite to interview soon! My application was verified about the same day as interview invites were sent out the last time!! But thank you for the tips guys and congratulations!
  15. When did they send you an email? Was it recently? I am keeping my fingers crossed for an interview soon, but have pushed it to the back of my mind for a bit since I didn't know if they were offering any more seats for this particular interview cycle!
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