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  1. I replied two hours after on Monday and am in the same boat as some of you. No responses whatsoever even after numerous emails and voicemail. Congrats to all who got to it in time!
  2. I only had one 2-1 interview. Make sure you have questions to ask, be the best version of yourself, and enjoy the process!
  3. PA shadowing: 72 hours c&sGPA: 3.48 I also re-took Microbio and Chem I w/ GPA: 3.72 PCE as a nurse aide tech and working in surgical and physical therapy practices: ~ 4500 hrs. Volunteer hours: 500 + This is my second time re-applying, for reference
  4. @Taylorm Where are you coming from? I swear I am freaking out now because I am trying to figure out finances and flights and time off work to accommodate. You know what's ironic? I'll be in Portland this next week for a week!!!!... smh
  5. @KMLight I applied June 8th and verified through CASPA around the 14th or something
  6. This morning, I received an invitation to interview! Guess they are rolling them out!
  7. @shells77 wonderful insight, thank you! What's the best part of the program so far? How much studying are you doing in a given week for your comfort level? Do you remember what you talked about during your interview regarding your uniqueness? Did you come from out of state? I currently live in TN and wanted to get some reference about travel & housing agendas!
  8. @aalyssa17oops! the questions should have been directed to @vxferruf ... SORRY!
  9. @LeBronisGOAT Dang! I feel you on that... for how much their program cost, you'd think they would want to know more. Did you re-apply? Did the sub app ask more personal questions to get to know you more to off-set the weird interview style? ha
  10. @aalyssa17 Love that you were atleast invited to interview, rock on! How was their whole process? Did you feel comfortable there? Did you feel confident after their interview? Were you surprised you were waitlisted? I interviewed last year at three places and felt like I was under prepared, my nerves got the best of me... and they just go so FAST!
  11. I re-applied to the Knoxville location. Interesting enough, the only location that reached out last year was Nashville's.... Knoxville literally waited until this new application cycle to say that I was rejected for an offer. Weird!
  12. Nope @kkay113.... last year around September I applied because that's the soonest I had found out about their program and received an interview invite for Feb.!!!
  13. Woo-hoo to everyone already receiving interviews. Rock it!
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