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  1. Here ya go! Just a few pointers to help you out!!! @nldeitz105 1479467027_PApersonalessayroughdraftworddocJune20193.docx
  2. Nope, nada yet either verified 6/10.... 6/12: confirmed verification MGH received my application and it is now under review
  3. I spoke with the Nashville admissions coordinator yesterday, and he said the ARC-PA meeting will be in june but won’t have a determination until late july or early august. He also said to keep looking for updates either on the website itself or on CASPA.
  4. With how short their deadline is in CASPA, they are probably not rolling admissions, which I kinda prefer!
  5. From Nashville, TN and very much agree with @jlthornt about the competitiveness. I also interviewed in November! The interview vibe could not have been more perfect, however. Very intimate interview setting and very welcoming. The big thing that threw me off guard is that they take ALL applicants pictures at the beginning, but it made it nerve-wracking because it felt awkward and we were all in single file line.. not expecting it! That's all! ha Here's to being a two-timer!!
  6. @LauraPAS Afternoon! I do have a question related to the interview process and the length of the program. First, how are you liking getting accustomed to the 24 month time frame... even more stressful than the average "fire hydrant" of info? Also, what was the style of interviews? How many people were there during your session while interviewing? Do you have interaction with the previous class ahead of you? If so, has this helped you with navigating the ropes? Thank you for reaching out to the forum, we applicants GREATLY appreciate it!
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