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  1. Consensus on waitlisters who attended the webinar: Did you think it was helpful?
  2. The answer is yes to both @Googlebrain because I found out my waitlist number the 1st time they rolled them out.... and when I checked yesterday (i've only checked twice) I had moved 6 spots since the initial waitlist was created ( around a month ago) which means it's not moving fast, which I can only infer to mean at this time.... they have all of the class they need/want.
  3. Checked yesterday about the waitlist status.... I've moved 6 spots... sooooo, it seems like the class is almost set in stone. Bummer.
  4. @Mattiebatch one-on-one was what I experienced last year. Also, very open-ended questioning. “Tell me about this experience”... or “Tell me about yourself”...
  5. @Pa98173jd July 9th and I was verified June 11th or something along those lines. @soniahopePA Mine was also a month later! no worries.
  6. Best news in the world for you all. Im so happy I am so disheartened that I did not receive a phone call. Having to reapply a 3rd cycle was and is not my intention; but life throws ya different directions and I have to ride this wave.
  7. I am also in the neutral boat of not receiving any form of communication, yet. Not sure how to interpret! So happy for all who received invites!
  8. Really great experience. I'd say more so than other schools, they do not try and attack you or make you feel like you are "defending your life" haha they WANT to get to know you and your values and what makes you tick. After the interview, It dawned on me that they never gave us a tour of any facilities or simulation lab or anything... anyone want to weigh in on that?? I thought it was kinda weird. Overall, I was impressed by the giving nature of the program and the inclusiveness they breed. Our interview session will find out Oct. 29th with the verdict!
  9. Thanks guys for the 411 on the photos, haha, great.
  10. Received an interview invite this afternoon. Seems like most of the class has been filled, this should be fun trying to compete with people who deserve it just as much as I do, ha! This whole 2x2 picture business.... how is everyone doing theirs? Any current students out there that can vouch for this program? How’s the area in east L.A.??
  11. @Hedgehog25 yeah... they rec’d my application June 8th and they sent a standardized email June 12th that looks like this
  12. Waitlister here as well. I also felt good about the interview. Honestly, I think all of us have "what it takes" but because the pool is so limited, just makes it even more competitive which is frustrating. Here's to hoping!
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