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  1. I have received the acceptance email from Mr. Dixon today. For those who are still waiting, please know that they are still making selection and I hope that you will receive the good news soon.
  2. Have not received any email yet. I would assume that if they made the decision, they would send out a general email like last Thursday. Good luck to us!
  3. Congrats to you! Hopefully I will make it in the next round selection
  4. Congratulations to you! I am happy to see that more of us are getting awarded
  5. Congrats!!! That is amazing!!! And thank you for your words of encouragement! Would you mind sharing with us your stats and when you initially apply?
  6. Thank you! I submitted about 2-3 days before the deadline. I am sure you will hear back soon. Good luck to you!
  7. I received an email this morning from Mr. Dixon informing that my application was scored and placed on an alternate list. They will re-evaluate the application for final decision no later than September 1st. I really hope I will get the good news then Good luck to everyone!
  8. Hi Janab, I got that email too for did not initial by hands. I corrected the issue and sent the page back to Scott. I am glad they give us an opportunity to correct any error on our application.
  9. I submitted the application on May 1st and was referred to the hiring manager yesterday. We are one step closer to get the scholarship ya'll; I hope we will all get it. Please keep us updated of your status
  10. Thank you for the information @vb315.
  11. I wonder At least there is still hope @JTET21 I wonder how would we be notified if we were selected from the alternate list. @vb315, would you mind sharing how did you find out specifically?
  12. I texted my recruiter on 07Mar2019 to see if there was any update. He informed me that he literally just received the news. Apparently they did not know what Alternative means and were looking into it. I was glad to find this forum to learn about other applicants' experiences. Best of luck to your application. I really hope you'll get selected!
  13. Hi everyone! I submitted my HSCP application in January 2019 for February board review, and just got news that I was selected as Alternative. Hopefully I will get in like vb315 too! I would love to know the experience from HCSP accepted applicants in the past years. If you can share them with me, I would be greatly appreciated.
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