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  1. only submitted 3 right now - have to take the GRE to submit the rest! but I have 11 total
  2. just submitted my application 6/20 anyone else have a pit in their stomach after submitting?! I want to throw up... so freaking nervous!
  3. ahhh so exciting !!! where at? what were your stats if you don’t mind me asking ? and how many schools did you apply to ?
  4. I am applying this cycle as well! Have my LORs lined up, I have one class left to take this summer and then I am all done. Super nervous, I have two PAs lined up for the month of April and May. The only thing I need to do is take my GREs (AHH). So nervous with this... I am awful at standardized testing. Took a practice one and I got a 297.. so close to a 300. But the vocab got me! Anyone have recommendations on how to get these vocab words down better?
  5. I apply this spring (2019) ! Salus is definitely one of my top schools! Getting very nervous !!!
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