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  1. I just got my acceptance call!! I was waitlisted and this was my second year applying!
  2. I just got an interview invite for November 13th! Good luck to everyone else!!
  3. Received a rejection email today. Good luck to everyone else!
  4. I was verified in July last cycle and didn’t hear anything else until I got an email in January for an invite to February interviews. You never know!
  5. I also was placed on the waitlist this morning. Good luck!
  6. It’s posted on their website under the FAQs section. I learned last cycle that you have to look at every page of some school websites or you’ll miss stuff!
  7. I have been told by other schools to add it as a new experience and just to put the new hours/any changes on there. Then you can email your schools to let them know you added new hours
  8. The email I got said there were 382 applicants but I don’t think they meant that this was how many they’re interviewing
  9. I sent mine to CASPA and just emailed all of my schools to notify them once it was received. UTSW responded and said thanks!
  10. I submitted supplemental on 6/24 and took CASPer on 6/16. Hope this helps!
  11. I just received an email with a virtual interview invitation for September 4th at 8 am! Good luck to everyone!
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