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  1. Hey, I am a current student from the second cohort. As far as I know they do not disperse any funds until you start. I believe I got my refund 1-2 weeks after starting. If you have any other question feel free to reach out, happy to help.
  2. I agree, when I interviewed I had my one on one interview with Jennifer and she did not seem to know anything about my application. She even said that she read so many applications that she didn't remember anything about mine. Also, on my interviews with the other staff they seemed confused on who was who. I felt like they were not organized at all. I understand they get alot of applications but they should at least look into who they are interviewing each day. Also, they asked us to take our resume and they did not look at it.
  3. I think they just interviewed too many of us. We are all qualified but out of the 40 of us I believe they were only accepting 10 or less
  4. Thank you very much. God bless you all. And I hope we all get into a program this cycle. I will pray for all of us.
  5. Thanks, likewise! I have 2 interviews coming up, hope those are the winners. I hope you got into uvu. You were amazing!
  6. Nope, so nervous. So many of us and limited seats. If only we could all be accepted, everyone is deserving of a seat
  7. Is jdawgs in orem? I'm from Texas, never been to Utah. I interview on the 10th as well
  8. I was caspa verified in May. And verification that everything was received July 3rd
  9. I was also verified on July 3rd and got my interview invitation 3 days ago. Took casper june 25
  10. I have an interview Aug 10. I'm flying from south Texas, super nervous. 3rd year applying to PA school. Got 6 interviews last cycle and was waitlisted to 4 -_-
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