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  1. I like MP as well. It’s a good name change and it fits. It also separates from docs a bit more.
  2. The labs are also online and not super easy. I would make sure the schools you like allow online labs of course. -Tim
  3. If you are open to online classes I am currently enrolled at Mass General Institute of Health Professions and like it a lot. -Tim
  4. Hello, I earned a BA in communications 10 years ago but started college in 1999. Like most I didn't know what I wanted to do and by the time I started again I just wanted that piece of paper. Suffice to say my GPA isn't the best. The short version is I found myself part time in EMS for extra money then finished 2nd in my paramedic class with almost a 4.0 and now full time as a 911 medic. I'm back taking prerequisites now and have a 3.5, and should see 3.7 when this semester is over. With such vast improvement of GPA and it being in science classes with all my HCE will I be able to overcome a lower (perhaps 2.9 or bang on 3.0) GPA? I am assuming excellent LOR and have plenty of shadowing hours lined up, along with high GRE. Thanks, Tim
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