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  1. Hi Everyone! This is my first time adding a topic to the discussion board. I tried to search and look through pages on any input that would help give insight to my current dilemma with no avail. Basically, I am enrolled in a EMT course that will not end until mid June. I will probably not be able to complete the ride along hours and patient contacts until late June. That being said, would it be advisable to submit my CASPA application early and then update my application once I have completed the certification or would it be better to apply late June when I am completely done? I have everything else in order and will likely be able to apply as early as May. However, I'm a bit fearful that some programs will not check for the update. I also have the option to receive transcript credit for this class and was thinking of submitting my CASPA early with this course in progress and then updating my grade, and uploading the certificate at the same time at a later date. I would like to thank you all so much for taking the time in reading and possibly responding to this in advance : )
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