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  1. For this program, do all prerequisites need to be done by May 30th of this year or next year? When does this program start?
  2. I need advice on where I can take online statistics, genetics and biochemistry. I heard about Doane, MCC and UNE. Which school would you recommend? Are there any other options? TIA
  3. Hi all, My spouse and I will be applying to PA school this coming April. How many schools do you suggest we apply to (trying to get into the same program)? What is the average amount of schools a person applies to (this could help us decide how many we should apply to)? TIA
  4. Has anyone on here taken an online micro class with a virtual lab? I live in Hawaii and they have strict rules about importing microbes. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I was offered a scribe/medical assistant position but I am worried about the hours counting as PCE as some schools don’t accept scribe experience. Since I will be learning how to cast and do some minor procedures can this count as PCE? Thanks! I don’t want to waste a year of work if this won’t count as PCE.
  6. Please, if you are PA in Hawaii message me. I am a pre-PA student looking to apply next year but need PA shadowing. I am having a hard time finding PAs to shadow in Oahu. I was told PAs are new on the island and hospitals just started hiring some 3 years ago. If you are a PA in Hawaii and are okay with me shadowing you, please message me. I have tried the hawaii academy of physician assistants and there is only one PA listed on there. I have tried to reach out to him. If you do not want a student shadowing you around, can you at least point me to the right direction? Thank you.
  7. I am having a hard time finding a PA to shadow in Oahu (Hawaii). Anyone on here from Hawaii that can point me to the right direction? I have called all major hospitals and Hawaii Pacific Health seems to be the only one but they have a waitlist. The next time I can shadow a PA is in September. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, My husband and I are both interested in PA school. We recently decided it's what we really wanted to do. We are new to the whole application process. Both of our GPAs are on the lower end. He hasn't taken anatomy and phys or micro. I took both courses back in 2013 (I understand some schools have a 5 year expiration date). We both do not have a lot of PCE. We have experience as a medical scribe, pharmacy tech, medical admin assistant, optician and other non-healthcare jobs (husband received engineering degree so he worked in that field). We have a ton of volunteer hours in the community, medical and non-medical related. We have shadowing experiencing with MD/PT/OT/PA. We are both EMT certified. We are now looking for EMT/ER tech type jobs. We need all the help we can get...Here are a few questions we have: Anyone else on here apply with their spouse? Did you end up at the same school? How many schools do you suggest we apply to? What schools do you suggest we apply to? How much PA shadowing do you recommend (if any at all)? Should we apply in July this year or wait until we get more PCE hours and apply next year? Does CAPSA save your letters in case you need to reapply next year? Since my 5 years is up, do you suggest I retake anatomy, phys & bio? Any online universities you recommend? Are there schools that will accept you even if you are not done with pre-req yet? (say class is complete dec 2019) Can you put future hours in experiences? When is interview season? When is the best time to apply (months)? Sorry for all the questions! We don't know where to start with the whole applying to PA school process. Thank you so much in advance!
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