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  1. Hey Congrats! They should add you onto the facebook group soon. There are plenty of rooming conversations going on.
  2. @Pidita95 Hi friend, Sorry for the wait, I've been putting in the overtime. One applicant created a facebook group, but no conversations on it yet. I think the school will be creating one as well, but no idea on the timeline for that. So far they have been requesting to share our emails with other accepted students. I will message you and see if I can get you added to the current group.
  3. I declined the acceptance offer. Should open up a seat, good luck everyone!
  4. Back at you @kaley! Congrats on the interview! @Ktowe5 sorry i’m not sure on the casper question. I had already submitted mine when I got the interview invite.
  5. Hi everyone. I just emailed to cancel my interview spot on August 23rd. This should open up a space. Good luck everyone interviewing! Sorry I can’t meet you all. Have a great time.
  6. Thanks! My interview is for August 23rd. My stats are a bit unusual, probably not the best benchmark. GPA 3.95 Science GPA 4.0 GRE 309 PCE 1800 hours EMT/Advanced EMT Shadowing 99 hours (5 PA’s) Volunteer 5,000 hours
  7. Yes I had already done casper for another school. I got the confirmation email on 7/16. With my casper getting there so early I think my application may have been one of the earliest.
  8. I have an interview! Received the invite today by email at 8:30 AM.
  9. I received the email that I was accepted! thanks for your posts Sarah and Kindra Congrats to all accepted and to those who made the wait list! I was impressed by everyone who interviewed, good luck everybody! We’re still early in the app cycle.
  10. I got a call at 7:00 PM. I’m at work and missed the call. They left a voicemail saying that I should check my email tomorrow regarding my application. I am feeling hopeful and terrified. Congrats on the acceptance notifications!!!
  11. There were 2 groups interviewed on the 3rd. I think there was about 25 or so in my group. So maybe 50 or so interviewed on the 3rd. You should receive another email about the interview structure. No group interviews. And you will have 2 interviews with faculty. Good luck!
  12. Dinner plan for tonight is to meet at the downtown charlottesville mall at 6:00 PM. Still talking on the exact location, But feel free to post through the chat.
  13. Hi friend. Your experience and shadowing are amazing. You're right that the GPA is on the low end, and some programs do have a minimum GPA requirement. However, We are still early in the application cycle so keep looking out for interview invites. My only recommendation would be to take more science classes and keep boosting that GPA. It might take several classes though because of how many credit hours you already have. As far as your classes passing the 10 year mark; there are a good number of schools that have no set time frame for prerequisites and you would still qualify for those. But I feel for you. I know how expensive these applications are, and how badly I want to be a PA. Best wishes, and I hope you make it into a program. Good luck!
  14. Those sound awesome! Thanks kioconnor. And thanks soso19. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  15. Hi everybody. I will be starting my drive from Atlanta, GA in a few hours. I'm planning on exploring everything around Staunton. It's going to be raining on and off, but I'd like to get some hiking in. If anyone has recommendations on small trails in the area I'd really appreciate it. Good night and good luck everyone!
  16. Just received an interview invite today by email. Interview scheduled for 8/23/19.
  17. Hi everyone Mary Baldwin and many other programs are putting on a virtual fair today until 9:00 PM EST to answer some questions. In the chat they let us know that 100% of their first graduating class passed the PANCE exam.
  18. I couldn't find the reasoning either, but I'm sure they will talk to us about the probation status on interview day.
  19. They received my application on June 9th, but not exactly sure on when it was verified. Looking forward to meeting you too! I am going to work on my responses to the main questions mostly. BeMo consulting has a really good video if you want to check it out https://youtu.be/f4kBWmJ5Ys0 Good luck!
  20. I got the email too! Came in today at 4:30 PM.
  21. Count me in! I'll be driving in a day or two before.
  22. Received email invite! It came in at 9:18 AM. Interview for Aug 3rd as well. Good luck everyone!
  23. Hey great stats and congrats! I'm hoping another wave of invites will get sent out soon.
  24. Thanks Hannah, I’m putting in my application tonight. Good luck!
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