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  1. Hello, I am a first year out of state PA student and I am looking to find some rotations for the 2021-2022 year back home in Cali. I prefer Northern California but I am open to anywhere in Cali at this point.I've been reaching out to many places but Covid has made things a little more difficult with the regulations. So If anyone has any guidance or knows of anyone willing to precept a student for 6 weeks in various departments please message me! Specifically in internal medicine, EM, family med, pediatrics, womens health, behavioral health, general surgery & ortho surgery.
  2. Does anyone remember if current students mentioned to buy books or if they had PDFs online that they could pass down? Or how often they used the textbooks? I know they’re required but a few students I know in other programs have mentioned how they’ve never really used the textbooks so just curious!
  3. Did you interview in the morning or afternoon? also, congrats!
  4. I believe they interview till April. December is the last interview for this year but they pick back up and interview February - April next year.
  5. received an interview invite today! Can someone whose interviewed already shed some light on the interview day? Thank you!!
  6. I am flying in from norcal and would love to meet up the night before!
  7. I received the first email when I submitted my supplemental in sept 16 then on the 24th I received an email that they had everything they needed and it was up for committee review. have you tried emailing Naisha bible? Sometimes she can reply a little late or it can go to your junk. (Some of her emails did go there for me!)
  8. Okay good. That makes me feel a little better. Thank you for the info!
  9. wow i feel like im behind. What color scrubs are you guys buying? and how are those who are out of state getting logos on them? are you mailing the scrubs to the stores in Baton Rouge? also, if anyone's looking for a roommate please message me and for those who live by or in Baton Rouge, can you recommend some apartments?
  10. Does anyone know if there’s a fb group for accepted students? Or if the program sends more information on places to live nearby?
  11. Is anyone still waiting? I haven’t heard anything yet.
  12. I also interviewed that day and have not heard anything. But I’m giving it till the end of this week as well!
  13. Received an invite today but ill Be turning it down as I’ve already accepted elsewhere! Goodluck to those interviewing!
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