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  1. I am flying in from norcal and would love to meet up the night before!
  2. I received the first email when I submitted my supplemental in sept 16 then on the 24th I received an email that they had everything they needed and it was up for committee review. have you tried emailing Naisha bible? Sometimes she can reply a little late or it can go to your junk. (Some of her emails did go there for me!)
  3. Okay good. That makes me feel a little better. Thank you for the info!
  4. wow i feel like im behind. What color scrubs are you guys buying? and how are those who are out of state getting logos on them? are you mailing the scrubs to the stores in Baton Rouge? also, if anyone's looking for a roommate please message me and for those who live by or in Baton Rouge, can you recommend some apartments?
  5. Does anyone know if there’s a fb group for accepted students? Or if the program sends more information on places to live nearby?
  6. Is anyone still waiting? I haven’t heard anything yet.
  7. I also interviewed that day and have not heard anything. But I’m giving it till the end of this week as well!
  8. Received an invite today but ill Be turning it down as I’ve already accepted elsewhere! Goodluck to those interviewing!
  9. My fee waiver actually went into my junk mail and they replied fairly quick! So might want to check there!
  10. Awesome. I also am waiting till November for the same reasons. I guess once we both know we can just message each other. Goodluck!
  11. Hi! I'm interested! female as well. Are you from Louisiana?
  12. I interviewed 7/26 and was notified today I got accepted!!
  13. Well I hope we both hear something soon!!!
  14. Hi all! Just checking in to see if anyone else has received a supplemental? I got the confirmation email in June and haven't heard anything after... just thinking they might not be interested after all as they don't send out rejections till the end of their process? Thanks and goodluck to everyone!
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