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  1. Congratulations! I was at that interview yesterday as well. Anxiously awaiting a response! best, lauren
  2. Hey guys, I just received an interview invite! I am beyond thrilled. It looks like they want us to do a smartsort virtual interview with 15 questions, the casper, and then the scheduled zoom interview. I submitted my CASPA app and the supplemental on September 29th, just a day or so before the deadline so I feel that there is hope for everyone! I have a feeling that they responded to my app quickly because of my supplemental essay because I live and work in Shreveport and I expressed that I want to stay here. I have 3.65 cGPA and sGPA, 315 GRE, 1,000 volunteering at hospitals,
  3. Hi, Thank you for reaching out! If you could go back to the year prior to matriculation, what would you do to prepare for year 1? Also, do you have any organizational advice to survive year 1? Does Western have anything in terms of student support for those who are struggling academically? Thank you for you time, Lauren
  4. Hi Tyler, I applied in august and got a similar email. Mine stressed that it would be a **MINIMUM of three weeks before review and went on to say it’s because their staff is very busy teaching, seeing patients, etc. So I wouldn’t worry about it personally, I don’t think an email would expedite the process. That’s just my humble opinion. Hang in there! Lauren
  5. Hey, I emailed and asked this question because I repeated coursework at community college. They said ” This form will allow us to recalculate your GPA be removing the lower grades of each repeated course. How you select the courses on CASPA does not matter, just as long as you answer yes to our custom question.” It looks like they do intended to recalculate gpa this round! good luck everyone:D
  6. Oh, I didn't know there was a supplemental app? Do you mean the CASPer?
  7. Hi everyone, I thought I'd get this thread rolling. Anyone else out there apply yet? Best of luck!
  8. I just submitted & verified pretty late in the cycle. Good luck everyone! I hope everyone finds themselves a seat somewhere!
  9. Hi everyone, This is my first time applying to PA school and I'm sending pretty late in the cycle because I wanted to make sure I got enough PCE to qualify for a lot of schools lol. Here's hoping! cGPA : 3.63 sGPA: 3.61 PCE: 600 Ambulance EMT volunteer: 700 various hospital floor volunteer and red cross volunteer Good luck everyone!
  10. Hello, congratulations to all of you who were accepted! I am highly interested in this program but I am wondering if some of you would post your stats? I have 1000+ hrs HCE, I'm 23, my sGPA is 3.4 and my overall is 3.7 and I am wondering if this school is a realistic option for me?
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