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  1. I was wondering if any of the more experienced PAs here know much about working in an observation unit. I've read a mixture of things online, but there really isn't much out there about the PA's role in an observation unit. As for context, I may have a good chance of working in a geographical area that is saturated with PA programs, PAs and NPs. It would allow me to move closer to my family and would mean credentialing with one of the largest healthcare networks in the region. I'm a little nervous about the actual role, but I think it might be a good move for my personal life. I'm not certain about this, but I think it would be easier to transition into a different job within the same network later on. I'm not sure when/if I'll have another opportunity to get a job in this region, given the competition. Has anyone here worked in an observation unit, and would you mind sharing your experience or thoughts? If you want to PM me instead, that works too. Do you think this would be good clinical experience for a relatively new(ish) PA? I'm not particularly interested in one specific specialty, so I think it would be better to stay broad. If I worked there for a few years or so, do you think it would help me be more competitive in the future for something like primary care, hospitalist medicine or cardiology? Thank you for any thoughts or feedback!!
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