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  1. I did not know this... I only listed the courses that fulfilled the requirements and were my highest grades. I received an email on June 9th stating "Your CASPA application has been verified and your CASPer test score has been received. There is no supplemental application required, and your application is now under review." Will not listing every course somehow disqualify me? All courses are obviously in my transcripts...
  2. Hi all, I just received an email today from RVU in Colorado that my application did not meet their minimum requirements. I have checked many times on their website and do not see other requirements I do not meet. Is it possible it was an error on the evaluators part? If it was an error would you expect them to reconsider the application? I asked if they could be more specific as to what I am missing, but have not heard back yet(sent today). Thanks
  3. Hi all! Ive spent the last year with this statement and am pretty comfortable with every letter. I am not using the oxford comma. Hoping to find someone to go through it for punctuation. Thanks!
  4. Awesome, thanks! Im seeing some of this information now after digging through previous threads and on CASPA a little more. Thanks for providing that information.
  5. Thanks man, good stuff...Are you able to change or add experiences to your CASPA after you've submitted an application? My HCE/PCE will be building through the summer and will need to be updated to be eligible for some programs once I hit x amount of hours later this summer.
  6. Hi everyone! I will be a first time applicant this cycle and am curious about the process. Ive looked through the FAQs on the portal, but am still a little unclear on the timeliness of how the process is handled by CASPA, so if you've applied in the past let me know how it went for you! From what I understand is that I will not be able to request my LOR's or submit my PS until CASPA opens on April 30th. After that I will select the schools I want to apply to(only the programs that I am qualified for at that time, as I will become eligible for other programs later this Summer), pay the application fee and then give CASPA 4-6 weeks to verify my grades and calculate my c/sGPA before the school reviews my application? My GPA is right on the cusp for some programs I want to apply to, and it would be great to have a CASPA verified GPA prior to applying to those schools so I dont waste money. Ive calculated my GPA numerous times, though still have some level of uncertainty. For instance I retook a four credit class three times, with two Fs and finally a B, so is that calculated by CASPA as (0+0+12/12)? It would be great to know sooner rather than later so that I can enroll in Maymester courses to improve my cGPA early. If I were to have my grades entered and all supplemental information added to CASPA by May 1st with programs selected, when would the school actually receive a completed application? Is there no way to submit LOR before April 30th? Sorry for the multi-layered questions. Thanks
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