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  1. I'm not particularly worried that they might try to do me wrong. I have a family member of my significant other that has worked for this organization for years and speaks highly of the organization. The organization is also highly spoken about otherwise. I am actually very excited to work for them. Moreover, I want to protect myself first. I do have an email of PA who currently works for them that started last year, might be worth asking her? As you mentioned, I was thinking of composing an addendum and sending it along to the recruiter to see if the change can be made. This is probably m
  2. Hello everyone, I am a graduating PA about to start my first job in EM and Trauma. I have accepted an offer but have yet to sign the contract. Upon my initial offer letter, they sent me a sample contract. Having multiple eyes run through it, including someone who was a former physician recruiter, some concerns were raised. The verbatim contract line of issue will be below this. The issue was primarily that Base Salary could be increased OR DECREASED based on many factors such as productivity, admin policy, and hospital financial performance. I directed these questions to my recruiter who then
  3. Hey Everyone, I am in the process of interviewing for my first PA job and was looking for any advice. I have done some research as to how to prepare for these interviews, dusted off my suit, and printed out my resume/CV and references. Anyone have any other things I should consider doing prior and/or during the interviews? Thanks in advance!
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