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  1. While the writing portion probably isn't the most critical component to your application, it's still a good idea to try to do well. There's some example essays on the ETS site and in their books that show responses for each score level. As for preparing, my recommendation is to mimic testing environments as much as you can. It can be time consuming to write essays over and over, but I would recommend bullet pointing your arguments for as many responses as you feel comfortable with. And when you take the test, take a couple minutes to bullet point first, it'll help you organize your though
  2. I work with a PA who is a member of the admissions board for a more highly ranked PA school. The way he described it to me one time was this: because their program is already highly ranked and respected, they can choose to accept applicants with less consideration towards stats like GPA and PCE. They're more interested in building a diverse and creative class, where as "lesser" ranked programs are more focused on traditionally academically successful students in order to take safer bets on students completing programs and passing PANCE first time. As you said, all programs are completive
  3. As for the suit color, at my interview I only saw one lighter colored suit. The rest were darker shades of grey, navy, or black. That doesn't mean you can't wear one, but it does show that the color will stand out. For better or worse, I don't know
  4. Magoosh's online course is great for relearning concepts, as is watching Khan Academy videos on youtube. For me, I felt the ETS books were the best at replicating the questions as it's written by the makers of the test. Buying their books and registering for the exam will also get you 4 online practice tests and 2 written practice tests. Personally I found the replicating testing conditions and taking these to be great, as it helped relieve some of those test-day nerves beforehand. Good luck! PS - the magoosh vocab app is an absolute must I think! Going through the vocab flashcards
  5. Undergrad School: University of Georgia Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.42 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.46 Age at application time: 25 GRE: 333 V - 166 (97%) Q - 167(91%) AWA 5.5 (98%) Healthcare experience: Medical Assistant 3200 hours, Volunteer at clinics 320 hours Shadowing: 8 hours LOR: 2 from PAs, 1 From MD Clinic Coordinator, 1 from A&P professor Schools Applied: Mercer University Application Submitted and Verified: 01/23/2019 Interview Invites: Mercer Accepted: Mercer Attempts: 1 I know I'm going to be an outli
  6. Hey everyone! I'm making this post because the one from last year seemed like a good place for everyone to go ask questions and meet others. This is a great place to discuss Financial Aid questions, moving/apartment hunting, or really anything else you can think of. I'm looking forward to starting classes next year and meeting all the other future PAs attending Mercer!
  7. I had a slightly similar situation, but both courses were Vertebrate anatomy and physiology, with lab. When I checked with schools, all the ones I asked said I needed to retake Human A&P classes in order to fulfill requirements. Ended up taking them post-bacc at a different college.
  8. I highly recommend the ETS 3 pack that contains subject books and practice test. I also recommend using the Magoosh Vocab app to get all those words down. Magoosh's online study materials were also great, I used them for a while because I could answer a few questions during downtime at work. If you can only get one though, I'd stick with the three pack from ETS still. Good luck!
  9. Same here! And good luck to those who still have upcoming interviews!
  10. Honestly, I had pretty similar stats to you going in, maybe a higher GRE but otherwise pretty spot on. The only other thing I had going for me were LORs coming directly from PAs I worked with, which could be viewed more favorably than letters from other professions. I think you have a good chance so long as your statement and any supplementary material is good, and you apply to schools without too much of an emphasis on their GPA requirements. If you go through the cycle this year without any interviews, I'd recommend taking the time to reassess your application - is everything written pr
  11. I'm looking to earn some more shadowing hours in a variety of fields. I currently work as a medical assistant with two PAs in FP/GIM, so I'm hoping to branch out and see what PAs in other fields do in their day to day.
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