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  1. I think any time before end of December but looking at past years I’m thinking the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the month. I feel like it’s going to be around the 18th
  2. Have not reached out but definitely struggling waiting aha
  3. I agree with this! I actually prefer Saturday because it is the only day I don't work aha
  4. This is so stressful waiting for the link to come back up, has anyone tried it out?
  5. I also received an invite, can't wait to meet you all virtually!
  6. I agree with this, I think the graduate application is very general for all programs and other programs don’t have a secondary application like CASPA
  7. I’m personally keeping mine because they said you can use your CASPA essay and just pare it down. I think people have done this in past years. I feel like they have already looked at our personal statement so I don’t know if much will change from what they have already seen
  8. I think it is hard to say, during my interview they said they don't have specific numbers of how many people get invited to do the supplemental etc so I think it just depends on how they feel about the people interviewed but I know the class goal is around 65 this year
  9. My understanding of Q and A and what I have had in previous interviews is that it is an opportunity to ask the current students and faculty questions
  10. I think they send them exactly a week before so we should get them Friday
  11. I just want to triple check, our interview time is 1-330PM right???? I don’t know why but I was thinking it was in the morning
  12. I would contact the admissions director to clarify this but it doesn’t seem like you should be penalized for it because it’s a slow down on their part.
  13. They don’t really want that information to be shared just so that each student can go in blind! Just be prepared and know yourself that is the most important thing to share:) the faculty and staff are all extremely welcoming and fun to talk to and they made me feel very comfortable
  14. If it makes you guys feel any better. I interviewed in august and there isn’t much additional information in the email. Just the time the interview is at
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