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  1. No. Turned offer down! Then came an offer for family practice, I’m sole provider with excellent pay and benefits with weekends and holidays off. Yea me!
  2. I would be accessing from home to clear out inbox, read labs and taking call/sending scripts. I’m ocd when it comes to my inbox
  3. Hi mgriffiths.......do you use an iPhone and/or iPad to access Athena at home? Athena use to not be compatible with Apple products years ago. I need to buy a new laptop but was looking at the iPad Pro or Air.....any suggestions which is better with Athena for home use?
  4. Sorry you are having to go through this...it is, unfortunately, part of the growing/learning process. I have found in my 23 years of being a PA to listen to the tiny voice in your gut. It is their for a reason. If you feel you want to learn orthopedic and have a passion for it...then improve skills and read, study, read some more and ask questions on what you read to your sp...he should then see you are trying. But, from your previous/first post, I do not feel the this specialty is where your heart is. Find where your heart is.....then follow it. If you find your forte, you'll never feel
  5. Hi Kittryn....I was laid off after 14 years as I feel I was at top pay scale and they could get 2 new NP's for what I was making. So, corporation put on paper contract not renewed/corporate reorganization. I also think age related since I had just signed up for health insurance benefits (my husband always carried us)...but, I will never get truth. I had a 98.5% patient satisfaction score consistently. So, you just move on. I emailed new company yesterday and told them, since I was just made aware of call, I would reevaluate contract this weekend. Was ok deal with the bonus struc
  6. Athena is ok....I have no idea of cost of system as our corporation is the one that purchased system when we went to EMR years ago. I just know that I bought an ipad several years ago and athena was not compatible at that time. So, looking to find out if it is compatible now since I have to replace my ipad that is dying. I was laid off in March but have gotten a contract that company uses Athena. Only EMR I have worked with last 8-9 years.
  7. I agree! Thank God I asked about the vague clause in contract that only said “provider will take his/her patients calls. Ok....is that during office hours or after hour call?......so, I asked and it was after hours call!!! Was told by supervising physician that she doesn’t take call that she has an answering service that tells patients to go to urgent care or ER.....so, I was misinformed until I asked them. I don’t even know if they’ve told her yet. She’s approaching 70
  8. Because doc is funding through RHC and it is a requirement ...I just talked with them and asked how it would be compensated....was told it’s included in salary. I’m not going to work for $95,000 plus bonus to tie up every holiday and every day for pennies. I know how much I will make them! At 63, I’ll just retire even though I feel I have a lot more to give
  9. PA 20 years. 14 years at same practice. Laid off in March...job offers but worse than this one. This would be new FM down road from my previous employer. I did not have a non compete with other employers. This is an out of state company that wants to open new office, FM, down road from my old one. I have patients that will follow. Offer is terribly low..I think. $95,000 base; $20 per encounter over 12 patients a day. $1000 CME, license ect. 90 day out, health ect. Covered malpractice with tail. I'D. I would be sole provider as they have found me a sp. This will be a rural health cli
  10. Has anyone, who is on Athena EMR, ever used an iPad to access and read charts at home?
  11. Has anyone used an iPad for Athena EMR? Didn’t know if new iPad was compatible. Thanks
  12. Not true on having to have good cause to let you go at end of contract. My paper stated “contract not renewed “......I was told corporate restructuring. Not one disciplinary action in 14 years. Only consistently high patient satisfaction scores. So, in a “right to work state” unless unionized, you can be done at end of contract
  13. I’m sure it is a beautiful place to live. However, state income tax is at 10.3%. Tennessee has no state income tax and cost of living is excellent for retirees. Matter of fact, Tennessee is one of the best retirement states when it comes to paying no taxes on retirement income. Home here is nearly paid for and we love our Smoky Mountains . Transplanted here from Louisiana 16 years ago in which we had to pay state tax. It’s much nicer to keep more money earned. Some will come up. I have faith and will keep applying. It appears that there are several of us throughout the United State
  14. I could take job but they will not go lower than a 90 day out clause. I did get them down from 120 day out. They said $55/hr firm. Over 100 patients seen yesterday (covidcity) with 2 providers for 12+ hour shift. I was use to seeing 30-40 in 7 hours....so, no big deal on patient load. But, $55/hr and I pay full for all benefits. They pay malpractice and liscence fee but not even CME'....horrible....but, may be norm now in east tn....idk...I ordered the AAPA report to substantiate why I was asking for more than $55/hr. It just doesn’t matter. Report was waste of money because companies
  15. Unfortunately, the cost of living would put me back in same position in the PNW
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