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  1. I haven't heard anything yet, but also was wondering about a facebook group. I'm hoping one is created soon!
  2. I interviewed the 16th and was offered a seat! I heard back the 20th.
  3. I have an interview Sept. 16th! I was also told that they go in order of when applications are submitted so the earlier you applied, the earlier you'll hear back.
  4. Hey everyone!! Congrats on getting accepted, I look forward to getting to meet everyone! I'm also not from the area and am looking to get a place, if anyone else is in need of a roommate/roommates, let me know!
  5. I applied May 24th, interviewed on July 5th, and received acceptance 2 weeks later.
  6. Congrats! I also got accepted! Do you know if there is a facebook page or anything for everyone?
  7. I also got accepted! I was accepted to NUMC, where were you accepted?
  8. The same happened to me! I reapplied also, but hopefully they give some sort of response. I was really put off on not getting at least a rejection email last cycle.
  9. For Bayshore. I did also apply to Nassau and Manhattan at the same time, but have yet to hear back.
  10. Just received an invitation for an interview on Aug 5th! Is anyone else interviewing on this day?
  11. I am going to start shadowing an Operating Room PA and reaching out to other PAs about shadowing. Obviously applications are about to open so different jobs may be a bit unrealistic to add for this cycle. I will definitely look at Andrew Rodican. Thank you for not only the critique, but tips on how to improve!
  12. I am applying for the second time to PA programs. I received one interview last cycle but was waitlisted, along with 3 other waitlists. I had a 3.66 cumulative and 3.5 sGPA. I have roughly 1,000 HCE as a medical assistant with a GI practice, 500 hours as a Resident Assistant in a dementia-focused assisted living facility. I have traveled to Central America on medical mission, volunteered at local hospitals and have roughly 24 hours of direct shadowing (which I know is low). I am looking for feedback on how to improve my chances. Thanks everyone!
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