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  1. Hey ya'll I was placed on the alternate list today as well. Glad to have been considered and congrats to those that were accepted!! Wishing ya'll the best of luck
  2. Hey everyone! Imma bit late to post but I also received an interview invite last Tuesday. Looking forward to meeting ya'll in a few days, and best of luck
  3. Hey everyone! Received an email that I was placed on the alternate list early this morning, from the 10/19 PM interviews. Just going back a few pages it seems like there is a lot of movement on the list, so I'll keep my hopes up since this is one of my top choices :). Congrats to everyone that has been accepted and good luck to everyone else in the same boat or with an interview coming up!!
  4. A little late to post but I was waitlisted after interviewing on 10/6-10/7! Kind of low on the waitlist but anything can happen :). Congrats to everyone that was accepted and good luck to everyone still in the running!
  5. Got the link! It all worked out. See everyone at the interview in a few hours and good luck!
  6. Yea I havent recieved that email LOL. Checked my spam and everything
  7. Hey ya’ll, I know this might be a long shot but Im supposed to be interviewing today and havent received a zoom link from the program. Anyone else in the same predicament or able to reach the program? I’ve tried calling but due to covid no one is in the office.
  8. Received an interview invite for 10/20 morning yesterday. Submitted June 19th Verified June 24th Supplemental Submitted July 10th
  9. Received a rejection from this program yesterday. Application submitted and verified: June 19th & June 23rd respectively Cum: 3.45 Sci. 3.28 PCE: 5000~ hours GRE 305 Good luck to everyone else still applying!! Wishing ya'll the best :^)
  10. The additional questionnaire was sent via email. Lol I thought it was a pishing attempt at first. I submitted June 19th and was verified June 21st and received the email almost a month later. If you submitted later, it might just take them some time to get it to you.
  11. Received an interview invite this morning! Scheduled for Oct. 19th PM session. Submitted CASPA on the 19th of June and secondary on the 30th. Good luck everyone!
  12. Hey everyone, Didnt see a thread posted for this program so I thought I'd start one.
  13. Hey everyone! Im a little late with my post but submitted my application on 6/19, got confirmation 6/25, and passed selection criteria 6/29. Good luck to everyone!!
  14. I just got an email for an interview invite on 12/10 Timeline: Submitted CASPA 7/7 Supplemental received & submitted: 10/30 & 11/6 respectively Interview Invite: 11/22
  15. I submitted CASPA on July 7th and got a confirmation that my application was received on 10/18. It was a really long wait
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