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  1. I just got an email for an interview invite on 12/10 Timeline: Submitted CASPA 7/7 Supplemental received & submitted: 10/30 & 11/6 respectively Interview Invite: 11/22
  2. I submitted CASPA on July 7th and got a confirmation that my application was received on 10/18. It was a really long wait
  3. Well I just received my supplemental today so yea I haven’t submitted yet lol.
  4. Hey everyone, First time applicant applying to MEDEX. Just submitted my supplemental so I'll update once Im verified to move on to full faculty review. Applying from CA but excited to apply to this program! First choice campus: Seattle Second choice : Tacoma Full Faculty Review 8/16/19 Good luck everyone!
  5. I wouldn’t give up just yet. Stanford’s website says that they will notify applicants two weeks after their deadline about whether they have an interview or not.
  6. Hey I had that issue. Try saving the PDF when you try to print the document and then edit it using a PDF editor software. There’s some free ones out there.
  7. Hey everyone! I’m applying from California as well and saw the preference for Nevada students. They’ll take some out of stater’s I’m sure lol. Nonetheless I’m super excited to apply and good luck to ya’ll
  8. I submitted first week of July 7/5 and haven't received a confirmation email yet either. Verified on 7/10
  9. Hey ya’ll, haven’t been asked to take casper yet but just wanted to comment to follow the thread
  10. Hey ya’ll submitting my app mid cycle here. Just wanted to follow the thread lol
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