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  1. I just sent you an email, looking forward to hearing back from you! Best of luck with PA school!!!
  2. Hi Hailey, I just sent you an email as well! Best of luck with your PA school Hope to hear back from you soon!
  3. I am from Taiwan, applying to PA school this year. Is there anyone here that's either a practicing PA or PA student that comes from outside of US, potentially a country that doesn't speak English? What helped you on your application that got you admitted to PA schools? And is there any PA schools that you would recommend for international students? I have around 1500 hours of patient contact, GPA of 3.97, and TOEFL score of 102 out of 120. Currently I am looking into schools in New York, Texas, and California, since they seem to have more opportunity for future employment as a bilingual provider (Chinese and English) I appreciate any advice, thank you guys so much!!!
  4. I am submitting my application this year, below is the list of schools I am considering submitting my application for. Does anyone have recommendation as to which school would be better for international students? (I plan on staying in the States after graduation, so need to be able to get into hospitals that would provide sponsorship) - Baylor, Emory, MDC, Duke, University of Utah, George Washington, Oregon health and science. The two things that I am looking at are: the possibility to rotating in hospitals that will provide sponsorship, and the tuition+living cost. Not really any preference beyond that, and I am good moving anywhere but I am living in Idaho right now (I thought of applying to ISU, but its out of state tuition is not cheap and Idaho is not near any border) Thank you all so much!!!!!
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