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  1. Hello! I didn't get an email, I checked my MCPHS portal and had my decision there.
  2. I was a part of the October 9 interview and I am waitlisted. I'm so sad, but hopefully throughout the next couple of months there will be movement and I will be accepted. This was a great opportunity and I feel more prepared for interviews now than when I went in. I wish the best of luck to everyone who interviewed and is going to apply! This is a great program and the staff are extremely friendly.
  3. Hi Keri! I have all prereqs completed except the microbiology lab which I will be finished with in May. I applied with 2500 hours as a CNA hope that helps!
  4. Hey guys just got invited for an interview on March 28 for 12:30! Pretty nervous since it's so late in the application cycle. If anyone wants to meet up the day before/day of let me know!
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