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  1. I just received my acceptance email!! I'm SO excited to be part of this class! As far as housing goes, I noticed new student orientation is the end of June through the first week of July. I'm just confused what to do now because I will be moving from out of state and I'm assuming most leases start the 1st of the month, so it seems like very inconvenient timing. Has anyone else had the same thought or have any idea what they're doing about moving there?
  2. Since I can’t find anything on their website, does anyone know if students have to find and set up their own rotation sites or if the school does it for the students?
  3. Hey everyone! I was thinking of submitting a (very) last minute application to this program since it seems like they interview out through March, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight on how full the class is already? I know tossing out an app this late is a bit of a reach, but I thought I would try if there's a chance they are still continuing to give out interview invitations! Please let me know if you think its too late or not. Also, congrats to those who've been accepted!!
  4. I applied last cycle and didn't receive any acceptances. I am on a waitlist, but I figured I would gear up to reapply well in advance so I'm not left scrambling if I don't get in. A part of my second application will be rewriting my personal statement. But, I'm at a crossroads with what to write about. My original thought was to explain how tough my last year had been after not getting any acceptances. From feeling defeated and receiving some disheartening comments when people found out I didn't get in, to using that feeling as a fuel to continuously work on improving. I wanted to explain how I was working 40 hours/week at a hospital gaining patient care hours while taking online and night classes as well as working weekends at a second job in a healthcare/leadership position with a nonprofit and shadowing whenever I could. I would end with how the last 6 years of my life would've been substantially less difficult if I would've chosen to do something else, but how I would do it all over again because it will eventually get me to where I want to be as a PA. However, I am second guessing this topic because I'm not sure if schools would want to read an essay entirely about how I've been working on being a better applicant in the past year. I definitely want to include this information somewhere in the essay, but I don't know if it should necessarily be the focus. Should I include this but maybe also talk about an influential experience I had with a PA during a shadowing experience this past year? I really struggled to write my first personal statement and I don't want this year's to hold me back like I think last year's did. Thanks in advance for any and all opinions, criticisms, and advice!
  5. From those who have interviewed/been accepted, I’m trying to get a feel for how full the program is so far. I want to send in a (very) last minute application, but don’t want to waste time and money if the program is already pretty close to full! Any input would be appreciated and congrats to those who’ve been accepted!!
  6. They don't publish anything with stats of current or past students or class profiles on purpose! They are simply looking for well-rounded candidates and don't want to discourage anyone from applying based on "averages". It's a pretty progressive stance in my eyes!
  7. I started a job as a CNA in a hospital shortly after submitting my CASPA application to schools. However, since it is a current position that I plan on staying in until I start a program, how do I maintain my CASPA application, specifically the "number of weeks" section required for the experience? I do not have an acceptance this cycle as of now, and I want to keep schools I haven't heard back from up to date. I don't know whether to put in 52 weeks in that section since I will be there for approximately one year from my start date even if I get into a program this cycle, or just keep updating it every week that goes by? Right now I have 52 weeks in that section with a disclaimer explaining my start date and plans to keep the position until I start a program in the "description/key responsibilities" section under it. Please share your own experiences, I can't be the only one in this dilemma! Thanks in advance
  8. Has anyone who interviewed received a rejection? Were we told when those would be rolling out?
  9. Has anyone who interviewed already heard anything yet?
  10. For those who interviewed yesterday, congrats on getting though it!! I’m wondering how the interview is set up? They mentioned group interviews, but do they give everyone a chance to speak or just pose a question to the whole group and let it be a free-for-all?
  11. Thank you! I wouldn't lose hope at all, it is still super early for programs to be sending out interview invitations! I was CASPA verified on 5/24, received the supplemental on 5/30, and submitted it 5/31.
  12. I received confirmation of my supplemental on 5/31 followed by an interview invitation on 6/5.
  13. I received an email from them on Friday putting me on the interview waitlist. I received a confirmation from the program on 5/30, so I'm sure yours will be right behind! Good luck to everyone, the waiting game is the worst part but you have to stay positive
  14. cGPA: 3.19 sGPA: 3.00 GRE: 314 & 4.5 writing PCE: 1,500 hours Sharing my stats because they are far from the 3.8+ GPAs you always hear of in these types of forums. You could say I was taken off guard when I got my interview invitation! Hopefully this brings reassurance to others out there that some PA schools look at more than just grades and are looking for overall well-rounded candidates. Best of luck to everyone out there!
  15. Same! I saw on here someone emailed over 2 weeks ago and they said "1-2 weeks" which is what concerns me the most. Maybe no news is good news? I'll probably give it until the end of this week and follow up then. It is still pretty early in the cycle! Best of luck to you and I'll update here if I hear anything back
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