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  1. Thank you!! I appreciate the kindness. I know seats are limited and there are many fantastic applicants so just applied widely and hope something works. Best of luck to you- career changing into something you really want is so worth it!
  2. Declined without interview today. Applied early July. Here’s stats if it helps out future people: cumulative gpa: 3.80 post bacc/last 60/pre-req(I’m a career changer): 3.96 pce: 1,100 as an optometric technician volunteer: 30 shadow: 30 good luck to everyone!
  3. Pacific University: virtual Mary Hardin Baylor: in person Franklin College: in person Thomas Jefferson: virtual
  4. I am a career changer - first degree in Economics. cGPA 3.80 post bacc/all pre-reqs gpa: 3.96 (all at a community college besides A&P). PCE: 1100 at time of app as an Optometry Technician. No GRE either, same amount of volunteer but less shadowing than you and no letter of reference from PA. And I got 3 interviews so far, 2 declines, and waiting on 8 other schools. I think you have a great chance! Make sure your personal statement is good and apply to schools that have a high average GPA instead of high PCE. My two declines were schools that focused a lot on volunteer/underserved but they were location wise close by to me, so I would suggest probably saving your money and not applying to schools that focus a lot on volunteer hours. Also focusing on schools that may recently have been accredited is a good idea for backups since they usually are wanting to show a high PANCE rate so will take people with high GPAs and have less applicants overall since they are newer. Best luck!
  5. They accepted my development psychology course. Email them the course description and ask if it fulfills their preq
  6. I applied just a few weeks ago and got an interview invite today for October. Rolling admissions means your chances are less and less as time goes on - but they are still interviewing!
  7. Thank you for your detailed response - that is super helpful, I appreciate it!
  8. Hey there, does anyone know, maybe someone who’s interviewed or knows the school how much religion plays into daily life attending the college, specifically the PA program? Thanks!
  9. Updated: got rejected too stats if it helps, I’m a career changer post bacc, just decided to switch paths a year and a half ago. GPA overall: 3.80 post bacc/last 60/ all science pre-reqs: 3.94 PCE hours: 1,050 time of app optometrist tech volunteer: 25 (I know not great)
  10. Applied 7/6/21 passed initial screening 7/23/21 no interview or rejection yet
  11. Hi Y'all! I saw that USC's mission really highlighted the underserved and community service, does anyone know if that means it is unlikely to get an interview with low volunteer hours? The pandemic and family illness scratched out a lot of my plans, and do not want to waste application fees applying if that is a dealbreaker for them. Thank you for any insight! Wishing best of luck to everyone applying!
  12. I put all my hours in an excel document to track. CASPA has a FAQ that should answer a lot of your questions https://help.liaisonedu.com/CASPA_Applicant_Help_Center also may be helpful for you to Google CASPA walkthrough videos or open up an account now to see for yourself how it shows up. Overall there is no sign off just basically yes where it was, how many weeks, how many hours per week for a general total hours. There is a description box for more info too.
  13. Thank you for that clarification and help!
  14. Thanks for the responses! I for years went to Baptist church with a friend when growing up- so I do have a little exposure. I currently work with a broad group of religions and sexualities and we care for a high population of LGBTQ kids. My only worry was that choosing a religious college would be that they would not be as accepting. It came to my head when I read a statement from a school that anything outside a relationship with a man and women was against their teachings. But I’m glad to hear that many of you had good experiences! Thanks for the input- I will not stray away from those and be more open minded.
  15. Hey all, I am not religious - none of my friends or family are religious, its something I forget even exists. I am a huge ally for LGBTQ+ and huge proponent for access to transgender health care. Should I avoid any PA schools with religious association or does PA school remain pretty secular based on the common curriculum? I'm not sure of ways to figure this out too - is it odd to email asking if religion is a big aspect? Thanks!
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