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  1. I do not think many schools will take this as PCE, or all the hours you work. I've heard a good rule of thumb from many schools is if you actually "touch" the patient and/or direct their care. Which is why I've always seen something like EMT or physical therapy aide count. I would try and find something else if your main goal is PA school to be safe!
  2. Thank you for the kind words! I did end up holding off on PCE - and it was worth it. There was a great deal of unexpected things that came up and I was glad I was able to be 100% there for my mom. I don't think some hours built up for a part-time job would have personally been worth the stress, I couldn't imagine possibly bringing home COVID. She has her last main chemo coming up and is doing well so far. I am planning to move out into my own studio this week actually - and I have an interview for a PCE position. I still will be able to likely get 1,000 hours before applying. I am also going t
  3. Thank you both!! It’s hard when the middle of so many things let alone all this and a pandemic to know what the “right” thing is, but it’s true things can wait and should focus on my moms health. PA school should understand out of everything - and if not there is always the following year. Ill look into CNA too, thank you!!
  4. This may be an ultimately personal decision but I wanted some feedback. Sorry if it’s long. Currently my mother is undergoing aggressive chemo. She has her “on” week and then two weeks “off”. She has a few months left of her treatment and I currently live with her so Im taking her to appointments and helping her with what she needs. Although she is younger and doesn’t need a ton of care. She was diagnosed just months ago and it has obviously been a whirlwind with this and COVID. I previously was planning to be working full time by now and get PCE hours to apply next application
  5. Good idea to add more colleges and more shadowing! There needs to be more diversity in health care so I wish you the absolute best. I took my pre-reqs that were 200, lower level mostly at a community college cause it was way cheaper. And then I took A&P at my alma mater so it was 300 level or upper division and also had cadavers. Focusing on getting As in that should really show you are ready for PA school! Hoping that strategy works for me...to be determined!
  6. Have you thought about another health care occupation, like nursing? A masters can be pretty expensive and not always equate to the kind of pay you'd expect. And it sounds like you don't really care for administration (I'm not sure what the job prospects are with that). With nursing too you could potentially go back and get your NP in the future if you still want to go that route. Best of luck to you whatever you choose!
  7. If you haven't already I think the first step would be shadow a PA, or two, or three! You want to get a full idea of what the profession is and be committed because it does not sound like it would be an easy switch for you. But really if it is your true passion- you may need to plan out a few years to make this big change. I am also a post-bacc student and have not gotten into PA school so take my thoughts with a grain of salt. As far as getting into a program - unfortunately I have heard from many people that it is just not realistic to apply to one school. They have SO many appli
  8. Hi all, For PCE hours, would you say it is more about gaining experience working with patients (touching them, working with their quirks, understanding bedside manner, etc) or more about gaining knowledge for PA school and your career? I originally thought scribing would be best - gain lots of knowledge, and was confused why something like physical therapy aide would be an option for PCE (how much do you learn about being a generalist in medicine from that?). But now I am starting to realize that I might have this backwards for many programs - and that they would rather have a PT aid
  9. I think you should really think about the learning aspect rather just what degree and how it all looks. I also got a degree in something non-science and now have spent a 5th year going back (at age 26) and getting my pre-reqs done and I have a completely different mindset about school. It is not all about getting a particular degree and just taking tests - if you love medicine you should be full divested into learning all you can about the information to be great for your patients. So I would focus most on what path gives you the most opportunity to learn - if you do not feel like bio is
  10. I can’t comment exactly how admissions looks at things since I’m still a pre-PA myself but I know Cs in pre-req classes will not look good since that isn’t an acceptable grade in graduate school. Might want to look into more how schools you are interested in treat W’s (could email and ask them). As far as your grades I hope this doesn’t come off wrong but at some point every person will learn that the teacher is only part of the grande scheme of learning. A class like general biology there is likely a text book, a bunch of free YouTube lecture videos, Khan academy videos (I used these for
  11. At 25 I decided to go back to school after getting an Econ degree and working in finance (which I hate). I think first you got to be understanding that this may take 2-3 years to get to where you want. With classes, PCE, applying to grad school... and that’s just to get into PA school. That is SO worth it for me because 5 years vs 40+ of miserable career is worth it for me. But it isn’t easy. With your GPA I think you’d benefit from making sure to focus on school first. I made the mistake of trying to do 2 lab classss another class and working 25+ hrs a week, I couldn’t get As so I dropped wor
  12. I’m not a PA student so take my opinion with a grain of salt - but you can always get more PCE and work more years before grad school (which honestly you probably should do since you are young, get some life experience) but you can’t go back and fix a poor GPA. If balancing all isn’t working for you, worry about school first and foremost because a poor GPA will be an automatic no and can’t go back from that. You are young, don’t stress too much just get the ball rolling!
  13. My undergrad school (Portland State) reached out to OHSU and they said they would make 100% take online anatomy for any of their graduate programs. Also mentioned that they would believe that a majority if not all other programs would as well due to the circumstances. I’d say don’t fret and keep pushing through!
  14. Thank you both! Y’all had good points - anything I can do to limit competition is worth it, didn’t really think of it that way. I am worried about having more limited hours so off I go to study...stay safe out there.
  15. Hi there! I am currently taking A&P 3 (last one) and patho and was planning to also study the GRE. As I have my GRE study material and am on day 4 of studying I'm sort of wondering why I am doing this, haha. I don't mind putting in the time but every time that I pick up the GRE material instead of diving greater into additional videos on cancer or the immune system in patho and A&P, I wonder why this test? I have seen that PA schools are working on creating another admissions test which points me into thinking they also see how the GRE is lacking? I would think my ability to pass
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