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  1. Received an acceptance offer yesterday for the TC program!
  2. Never mind to my last question, a group was created last week, here is the link for those interested in joining: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TUNPAClass2022/?ref=share
  3. Anyone know for accepted students if there is a Facebook page or something we can connect with? Thanks!
  4. Hi!! I just did the TC interview and it wasn’t, for us, so much of a group interview, but rather a “why PA why GV” type thing but they didn’t write anything down or ask questions from a paper or anything. Also, they didn’t have us do a writing sample this time around.
  5. In talking to some of the students who were accepted last year, many I talked to got accepted from the waitlist so don’t lose hope! There are 80 spots and that’s quite a lot.. also keep in mind this is one of the earlier schools and I’m sure some people will be forfeiting their spot if their first choice accepts them in the future. Don’t lose hope!
  6. Hi all! So I have my interview tomorrow and wanted to share some advice for those flying in like me! So, the hotels (at least for the necessary dates) were priced relatively higher than I’m used to paying like about 110-150 a night. I booked the Sleep Inn which is toward the top of that range but it was one of the only hotels that offers free airport shuttles. And with Uber looking around $20 each way, it seemed worth it. It also has a free breakfast and nice pool. Just down the street there is a grocery store and a few restaurants that I can walk to as well. Just food for thought! Good luck to all!
  7. I interviewed 8/15 as well and received my acceptance today too! Congrats everyone! Does anyone know if there is a Facebook page to join or something?
  8. Anyone else from the Aug 15th interviews neurotically checking their email today?
  9. @Letsdothis Do you mind sharing what day you are interviewing? Did you get to choose the day or was there just one option? CONGRATS!!!
  10. Hi everyone, congrats on all who were accepted! I am an out of state student, and I was just wondering about in/out of state tuition. I realize I would be paying for out of state tuition for the first year, but does anyone know if I could apply for residency after I start the program? thanks!!
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