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  1. Good morning Kele I would like to thank you for taking your time with everything that’s going on to do this that’ll be very helpful for for us as future PA-s. I’ll be tuning in at 12 , once again thank you & have a great day
  2. Hello I'm trying to gather as many new applicants as possible to create a study group starting mid august, (Kendall area) if anybody is interested contact me claudialinet93@live.com
  3. thank you Michelle good luck to you too
  4. This is for the MDC PA program entrance exam that'll take place February 2020
  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH ill be subscribing def a great help. how do we contact you for the shadowing opportunity hours??? thank you, have a great week
  6. Hello there my name is Claudia and I'm applying for the MDC PA program this november 2019 and I'm trying to form a study group starting next month, a couple hours once a week, i believe study groups are amazing for big exams like this, sharing knowledge, doing practice exams, going over topic by topic . EMAIL ME if you're interested claudialinet93@live.com. Lets ace this test!!!!!!
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