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  1. They will start to call for interviews a month after the deadline, which in November.
  2. I tried to get answer for you, but actually you want to give them a call. They are very helpful !!
  3. Loma Linda supplemental application is free, and usually you will get phone call for interview around 6 weeks (+ or - ) after you submit the supplemental.
  4. Hi everyone, this is a new forum for new application 2019-2020. Good luck to everyone and may God bless every step in your future.
  5. I am sorry If i ask that but you had interview in Jan 2019 and already got email for waiting list?
  6. I just called and they said they are not done with the list of calls or send email for waiting list yet, still have hope for phone call if you did not received anything yet !! God will do the best of the best to everyone.
  7. I didn’t get phone call or mail or even email. I think they forgot about me lol
  8. hi guys I really wish the best for each one of you. Do anyone have idea if the class already complete or we can still wait for phone calls. how many got approved and how many still waiting ??
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