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  1. I am sorry, but LLU doesn’t care about mature students they have their own agenda trust me. Congratulations have a great career.
  2. I just got accepted in program , Thank God !!! I am so happy
  3. I got invitation too and I try to register but the link took me to general event of the university. How you registered?
  4. Ok everyone start of tomorrow Every Mondays they will send out the refused letters by mail. And every Tuesdays interview. So from now on no news is good news, and I around end of Jan and Feb will send emails for waitlisting.
  5. Thanks, and there is any supplement application or extra fee I should pay?
  6. No worry my friend there are a lot of interviews coming. Every Tuesday until middle of February.
  7. It is new this cycle to have Spanish exam but it is not part of the acceptance decision
  8. There is no essay, but there are two exams one medical terminology and one Spanish language exam.
  9. I got a phone for an interview yesterday and will be 10/22; anyone will be there? submit on June and verified next day, and I received email for LLU Application like a 5 days after. This is my second interview I got refused last year. GPA 3.62 SGPA 3.8 I am RN for 3 years
  10. They will start to call for interviews a month after the deadline, which in November.
  11. I tried to get answer for you, but actually you want to give them a call. They are very helpful !!
  12. Loma Linda supplemental application is free, and usually you will get phone call for interview around 6 weeks (+ or - ) after you submit the supplemental.
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