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  1. Unfortunately that doesn’t work in Michigan or at least our area. We have to sent the bill to the insurance and get paid by the insurance because most auto patients can’t or won’t pay, often as suggested by their lawyers. So given the situation which of the three options I listed above would be best?
  2. Hi all, Our office has seen a significant increase in auto patients, many of which have carriers that only accept paper claims. To save on mail costs, what would be the most effective way of sending bulk claims. For example with State Farm recently we had nearly 800 pages of bills and notes. These are the three options we are considering Staple each date of service with the respective notes Don't staple them at all - but rather put a red sheet of paper or something in-between to separate the dates of service Don't staple them and put nothing in-between, another words just one massive stack of 1500 forms and medical notes. Please advise as I am deathly afraid of sending these 800 pages and getting them all thrown back at me
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