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  1. You do not have to be a veteran to get excepted to UT. I want to say that maybe 20% of current class is veteran but that does not mean they don’t accept non veterans. I am not a veteran and I got accepted. this program is exceptional and amazing in every aspect of it and I would encourage everyone to apply because of the wonderful opportunities we have
  2. Yes so last year that had excel sheet with you caspa ID and that’s how it was updated. If you’re within the 20 top then the likelihood of getting in is high.
  3. Yes. So I did a mock interview and I practiced asking questions to a colleague. We would do the same to each other. We got a lot out of it. We just asked questions, timed ourselves, wrote some of them down especially w traditional interview. I highly recommend that. It’s interesting, the colleague I found, we just asked each other on one of the PA platform to do that. It helped and both are benefiting. You will only remember more. We both got in to multiple programs
  4. Good luck to everyone who has an interview in the next few weeks!! Hang in there if you didn’t get an interview because they can send you an interview invite at anytime! UT PAM is an exceptional program, the absolute best in my opinion coming from a current UT student.
  5. I just dropped from BPU. I hope someone's day was made today and got the call
  6. Does anyone know when they're updating the waitlist?
  7. so basically we dont know whether its MMI, individual or group interview?
  8. Does anyone know if the secondary is due tonight? because it says that its due April 2020
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