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  1. I am in the same position, still waiting for a response after submitting my supplemental in January. When I contacted them about questions regarding the supplemental application and application process, they stated that they would be reviewing applications on an individual bases, so I am not sure if they are grouping letters or just sending them after reviewing each application. I remember reading the policies and it stated they would interview up to 150 individuals for 30 seats I believe? Has anyone heard any other news or can anyone else confirm the number of seats for this years class? Thanks in advance Hoping we hear back within the next week or so!
  2. Has anyone heard any news about when interviews may be conducted? It looks like they added their policies and have slowly been updating information to their website... as previously mentioned, their ARC- PA meeting is now in September 2019 instead of June, not sure how this will impact interview dates. Just wondering what everyone thinks?
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