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  1. Absolutely! I have looked into some apartments and will move in July. I look forward to meeting you!
  2. Congrats! Are you going to forsure go here? yeah I’m sure there will be one early next year/spring.
  3. I just received my acceptance call! I interviewed on 9/10 and was placed on the waitlist. Rutgers is my top choice
  4. It's funny how they changed the format of the invitation email. Before it said we were selected for an on-campus interview and now because they got some much back fire from interviewees, we received emails that explicitly specify that it's first come first serve basis and if you're unable to you'll be on the waitlist savage - the who process is dog eat dog.
  5. That's garbage though. I'm not going to interview in practically March when another program I got accepted to starts in May. Cutting it too close for comfort. I think Boston would be a super dope place to study, but I am quite turned off to their process - just really makes me wonder what other sketchy stuff they pull.
  6. My pleasure! I hope you get in where your heart is set on. And Thank you so much
  7. I received the invite 9/20 to interview on 10/21
  8. Just gave up my interview spot. Goodluck to all of you
  9. that would be horrible if this were to happen again. Makes you wonder if you really want to attend a program that is dog-eat-dog fighting over interview spots. If we were qualified to get an interview we should be able to do just that! SMH
  10. It's funny because I logged in at 3:01 and saw there were 9 spots available for Nov 20, clicked on register and the page reloaded and said all spots were taken. Literally in the blink of an eye!
  11. They need to make this better. No email, and live 2 minutes before 3pm. Pretty ridiculous scheduling.
  12. dude this is insane. Look how many of us couldn't get one scheduled. Yes it'll likely become open again in the end of november for early next year.
  13. wow. not even 1 minute into the scheduling and all the spots were taken. smh
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