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  1. Last cycle they sent out invitations for interviews on today's date 10/17 at around 3PM. So we might hear something today.
  2. Just got an acceptance call on Friday, 09/20 from Lea! I interviewed 09/06 in the afternoon session.
  3. I am in the same boat. When I saw that people were getting rejection letters, I was sure I was going to get one because I did not get an interview invite. But after not receiving anything at all, I was worried that maybe something went wrong with my application. I called the university about it and they said not to worry and that my application is still under review (this was on 9/4), and I still have not heard anything from them since.
  4. Interviewed 7/8 and just got my acceptance email at 4PM today!
  5. I also interviewed on 7/8 and did not hear back yet. They said that they will get back to us with in the week so I assume tomorrow will be the big reveal
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