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  1. I submitted my deposit back in November. I received a receipt of payment but I didn’t receive that email...
  2. Hi! Has anyone heard anything since submitting their deposit?
  3. At my interview, one of the current students said emails didn’t go out until after 5 or 6pm so don’t assume the worst!
  4. I don’t know for sure but based on the forum, it seems like just a handful of people. Plus, that doesn’t mean everyone accepted their offer! So I’m sure there’s still plenty of seats open. Best of luck!
  5. I received an early acceptance and I put my deposit down on November 22nd. I never heard back aside from a confirmation of payment email. I tried to call and email an advisor to verify they received everything but I still haven’t heard back. I’m sure it’s a busy time for them though.
  6. I interviewed on 10/1 and I received an early acceptance offer on 10/29. However, at the interview, they said decisions will go out in December so don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear something right after.
  7. That’s exciting! I hope you get a seat. I actually received an early acceptance offer from another program the day before I flew out to Utah for the interview. How about you?
  8. How long did it take to receive the confirmation from Rocky Mountain after completing the questions at the link?
  9. I just received an invite and followed the link. I received a “google forms interview scheduler” email but will there be a confirmation email with more information?
  10. Did anyone receive a “Welcome to Sullivan University” email from admissions? It’s about financial planning but it says to disregard if you are a Doctor of Pharmacy student or a PA student. I just thought it was weird to receive that if it doesn’t apply to the PA program.
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