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  1. This is how I understand it: They’re still accredited, they are just on probation. So we were accepted to an accredited program (as it stands right now). If they lose accreditation in the future, then they can’t start a new class until they get reaccredited. I just reached out to my older PA friend to see what he has to say about it!
  2. I just requested to join and got added! I think Elizabeth is the admin
  3. I added all of y’all on Instagram! thats awesome about the FB group!
  4. Hoping to get mine today! I think everyone should keep an open mind about calls until May 1! People will definitely give up their seats right off the bat, or even put down a deposit and then get into a different school in the next few weeks (and just lose their deposit $). I know several people who put a deposit down on a school to hold their spot and then they got into their top choice a few weeks later and ended up going there instead!
  5. Perfect!!! Post here after y’all get the approval and we can all message you our names!!
  6. My PA friend just messaged me this: ”They’re still accredited. They’re just on probation. So u are accepted to an accredited program, right now. If they lose accreditation in the future, then they can’t start a new class until they get reaccredited. But all current students can graduate and test for the boards.” So that’s good!!
  7. I understand from speaking to a current PA that a school wouldn’t offer acceptances until they are accredited. So I’m assuming they got good news today?
  8. Yay!!!! Was it a Florence number that called you?
  9. Omg really?! What did they say?! You’re in? Congratulations!!
  10. My guess is that we MAY hear something later in the week, depending on if they hear back about accreditation status. I doubt they will contact any of us until that’s all squared away. Trying to be patient but it’s KILLING me!
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