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  1. ACCEPTED! Happiest day of my life!! I fell in love with Campbell at the interview and I can’t wait to study alongside all you beautiful people!
  2. Quick question about something on the interview itinerary: “GIE.” Is this...group interview experience?
  3. I was waitlisted to Glenside as well! Verified 5/29, interviewed 8/13, waitlisted yesterday.
  4. Same dude! Some folks said it would be 2-3 weeks...so, any day now.
  5. Received interview invitation today for 9/2!! Verified 5/29, confirmed by Campbell 6/30. Love this program, and really looking forward to meeting some of y'all!
  6. I actually asked this during my interview! She said that it’s business casual. When guest lecturers come in, students are expected to really adhere to the dress code (partially because it’s a networking opportunity). When your lecturers for the day are all core faculty the policy can be a *little* more relaxed, but no PJs or anything like that are allowed.
  7. Same! Such a good experience. Good luck y’all!
  8. Congrats!! Did they call or e-mail?! I just had my interview so now I begin a NEW kind of waiting! Fingers crossed...
  9. Hey, did they end up sending it or did you have to reach out? Just wondering because mine's Thursday and I have not received anything. Thank you! Hope your interview was good
  10. I honestly wouldn’t because their confirmation email explicitly asks you not to reach out for further status updates. I got my interview waitlist email at 8 weeks on the dot. Waiting sucks and I feel your pain. Hang in there!
  11. Dang that is a quick turnaround! Better kick it into high gear with my prep...thanks for letting us know! Good luck
  12. Omg crossing my fingers that good news is coming for you! I’m honestly so pained by the waiting game that I am feeling blessed to have received this pseudo-rejection
  13. I got interview wait list and I was verified 5/29, confirmed by Rush 6/1!
  14. Yeah I’m at 7 weeks and did not get this email. When were you confirmed by RFU? Any outstanding prereqs?
  15. Many of us, including me, got our “up to 6 weeks” email 6 weeks ago today. I still haven’t heard anything. Such a bummer!
  16. Interesting...I had biochem and genetics in progress and just finished and reported my grades this Monday. Confirmed 6/5 and have not heard anything.
  17. Also received the invite today. I am a bit confused by the wording as well, but since the subject line said “PA program interview notification” I’m thinking that it is a confusingly worded interview invite. Anyone else have the same thought?
  18. No. Verified 5/29, the day after the last person in this thread who got an invite, so I’m pretty anxious about it!
  19. Congrats to those who received interviews! I did not receive an invite so I am taking it as my first L. Good luck this cycle!
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