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  1. ACCEPTED! Happiest day of my life!! I fell in love with Campbell at the interview and I can’t wait to study alongside all you beautiful people!
  2. Quick question about something on the interview itinerary: “GIE.” Is this...group interview experience?
  3. I was waitlisted to Glenside as well! Verified 5/29, interviewed 8/13, waitlisted yesterday.
  4. Same dude! Some folks said it would be 2-3 weeks...so, any day now.
  5. Received interview invitation today for 9/2!! Verified 5/29, confirmed by Campbell 6/30. Love this program, and really looking forward to meeting some of y'all!
  6. I actually asked this during my interview! She said that it’s business casual. When guest lecturers come in, students are expected to really adhere to the dress code (partially because it’s a networking opportunity). When your lecturers for the day are all core faculty the policy can be a *little* more relaxed, but no PJs or anything like that are allowed.
  7. Same! Such a good experience. Good luck y’all!
  8. Congrats!! Did they call or e-mail?! I just had my interview so now I begin a NEW kind of waiting! Fingers crossed...
  9. Hey, did they end up sending it or did you have to reach out? Just wondering because mine's Thursday and I have not received anything. Thank you! Hope your interview was good
  10. I honestly wouldn’t because their confirmation email explicitly asks you not to reach out for further status updates. I got my interview waitlist email at 8 weeks on the dot. Waiting sucks and I feel your pain. Hang in there!
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