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  1. I think A&P is where I messed up and maybe partly on micro. I’ve been studying too but it’s so hard without having received an email yet, it’s a bit discouraging. Let’s make this year be the year for all of us, we got this!!
  2. I’m on the same boat. There’s no reason I shouldn’t get the invite (not to sound overconfident or anything, I just know I meet the criteria too). I took the exam last year, my score wasn’t the best, that’s were I messed up but my application has definitely gotten better since last year as far as direct pt care is concerned. I’m still hopeful they’re sending out emails. I don’t think they’ve sent out more since that day! Still hoping we all get it today!!
  3. The anticipation is killing me! Have they only sent out invites that one day!? Hopefully the rest of us receive ours by tomorrow! Last night I had a dream that I received one, I’m obviously going crazy thinking about this
  4. Yes, around the beginning of December. I also confirmed with Jackie that I met all requirements!
  5. Would you recommend me sending her an email? I’m nervous!
  6. Anyone else received anything yet? I feel like my application was misplaced or something! Lol
  7. I believe as long as you meet the prerequisites and all the other requirements, you will get an invitation. That was the impression I got last year when I applied. I’m also still waiting but my last name isn’t A-L. I’m not sure how they’re doing it but stay positive, there’s definitely still a chance!
  8. This is my second year applying. Last year I received my email 1/30 but nothing as of yet this year. The anxiety is definitely real. Anyone else checking their emails every 2 minutes?
  9. Awesome! Congrats & good luck! I’m still waiting to receive one
  10. Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting on here, wondering if anyone has received an invitation for the exam yet?
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