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  1. i just received an interview for 2/13, so maybe that’s the last one? Shocked they’d go this long.
  2. I was also accepted but will be giving up my spot for another program. My portal says the deposit ($750) is due by 12/18
  3. received the good word this morning!! My first cycle and first acceptance. Over the moon right now. Don't lose hope waitlisters!! Lisa did say they go pretty far into the waitlist each year
  4. Are interviews over? I haven't received a rejection but also never got invited to interview, although I did apply pretty late in the game around mid August.
  5. Yep! I went to an info session a while back and they said anatomy is over the summer at Harvard Med's cadaver lab
  6. According to their website, interviews run through February. I wouldn't give up hope just yet!
  7. anyone who received under review email in late july hear anything ??
  8. It would seem ridiculous to offer the opportunity to interview and then have the possibility of not obtaining one...but then again, who knows..
  9. Registered for Nov. 6th as well, it went live a few minutes before 3PM. Doesn't seem like the best scheduling method for sure...
  10. This is just conjecture, but it seems like they immediately accept a few students from each interview (my guess is about 10 or so) immediately after, which is why some people from the third group have heard before others. I do think there’s still a few spots left, but not many. I interviewed with the second group and have yet to hear back....it’s getting harder to keep the hope alive
  11. Was verified 6/17, confirmed that they received my app and data sheet on 6/20
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