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  1. Well that is cool they interviews are being sent out sooner than the website stated The CASPA application cycle will reopen June 1, 2021 through January 15, 2022 Physician Assistant Studies Program 2021-2022 Application Cycle November 2021 - January 2022 - Admissions Committee reviews applications. January 2022 - March 2022 - Applicant Interviews are conducted. January 15, 2022- FGCU program deadline for the receipt of VERIFIED CASPA application. All program prerequisites must be completed and submitted. March 2022 - Offers of Admission are made.
  2. Nice! What were your stats if you don’t mind sharing?
  3. Congratulations! when did you applied ? And verified?
  4. I sent my application it the same day it opened For their supplemental application, I submitted the same day too. If you go to their site: https://www.fgcu.edu/mariebcollege/healthsciences/physicianassistantstudies-mpas#AdmissionsInformation View the admission tab and it breaks down your next steps. Hope it helps! Also below is what I found from last year 2020 CASPA cycle from the school itself: "Applicants will also need to submit a supplemental application to the FGCU Graduate School https://www.fgcu.edu/admissionsandaid/graduateadmissions/ . Copies of transcripts and GRE scores DO NOT need to be forwarded with the Graduate School application. We are able to view those documents from your CASPA application. Please review our website for all current program information. https://www.fgcu.edu/mariebcollege/healthsciences/physicianassistantstudies-mpas.aspx Good luck with your application and thank you for considering FGCU to begin your PA career."
  5. Per Barry website "GRE scores must to be sent directly to the university by ETS to institutional code 5053, program code 0634 before the application is submitted. Applications without official GRE scores will remain inpending status until they are received. GRE scores must be submitted no later than 30 business days after receipt of notification from Admissions Office." What I did was go to the ETS site, then send additional score report tab, then just type under the institutional 5053 Barry university and 0634 physician assistant. Then paid and that's it
  6. Applied 5/28/21 Received invite for interview on 6/3/21 Virtual interview 7/9/21!
  7. Hello everyone, I decided to create one since today is the day the application is open! Good luck everyone!!
  8. Thanks for the post! 2nd time applying and ready to nail it! Good luck everyone!
  9. Received an interview on Thursday! So excited!! Beyond thrilled!!
  10. Had mines on 9/25, only thing I got was a survey but nothing yet
  11. Extracurricular activities: 40hrs Healthcare experience: 187hrs Leadership: 165hrs Patient Contact experience: 5,547 hrs Shadowing: 1,230hrs Volunteering: 450hrs 4 PAs and 1 NP LOR CASPA SGPA 3.67 Cgpa 3.54 applied 7/1/2020 and invited for interview emailed 9/4/2020, interview on 9/25
  12. Got invited for interview ! 9/25!! Submitted my application 7/1/20 didn’t get a confirmation email that they received my application good luck everyone!
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