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  1. Heard back Tuesday 10/22 with an acceptance from 9/16 interview! Is there a fb group for accepted students? Also has anyone heard any feedback from the current class about how the new MS program is going?
  2. Has anyone called to ask for an advanced update on the waitlist status because they've been accepted to another school?
  3. Do you guys think it’s annoying to them if I call and ask for an update or how far I am on the waitlist even tho I haven’t gotten another acceptance? I interviewed back in August and got put on the waitlist, but I don’t want to be that annoying applicant.
  4. Congrats! Thanks for responding, gives me some hope lol
  5. Thanks! They actually sent me the same thing in an email I just got. Thank you!
  6. Has anyone been taken off the waitlist from July or August interviews? Thanks
  7. Hi! got an interview for 10/28 can anyone let me know what it was like? Is it a normal 1 on 1? Also is there a lot of walking? Thanks in advance!
  8. gahh the waiting game is rough. Thanks for the response though ! Good luck
  9. Did anyone hear back from 9/16 interview? Its been more than a week so I'm assuming the worst lol Didn't even get a response from a thank you email I sent to my interviewer... which is sorta rude?
  10. I interviewed 8/27, just received a spot on the waitlist Hope I make it off the waitlist
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