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  1. I got the acceptance call from Dr Butler this morning!! Was not expecting it at all, as I felt I totally bombed the second interview. Good luck everyone!
  2. Yay!! Major congrats! They told us to hold off on making any groups until they notify us of the finalized class in around March.
  3. I interviewed in October and got a call for acceptance! More than excited for this opportunity. Best of luck to you all as well!
  4. Received an acceptance to WesternU! I interviewed on Oct 8, and was very surprised to have a decision back so early as they told us to expect to hear back in March. Good luck to everyone out there!!! You guys are going to do awesome!
  5. It's first come first serve in terms of choosing from the few interview dates they have available, so probably the other dates got filled up earlier!
  6. Emailed the admissions officers -- they said if you can't make this Oct 8 interview date, their next available option would be November 5th. It'll be available as an option on the "Applicant Status > Interview Schedule" page later this week!
  7. Recurved an interview for 10/15 and 10/17 as well!
  8. I did, I believe it's a merit-based scholarship offered during reviewal of application.
  9. I interviewed last week and haven't heard anything yet. From what it sounds like though, your second interview is good news!
  10. Does anyone know if they view updates we've made to CASPA after initial submission to their program?
  11. Thanks! It was received June 8. I'm sure they're still working on sending the dates out!
  12. Hey everyone! I just received an invite on 7/27 for a Zoom interview on 7/30 at 9am. They said it should be only about 15-30 minutes in length.
  13. There actually is already a thread for this cycle:
  14. Got notified I was placed on interview hold today! "The decision was made after careful study of your application materials. Selection for an interview is limited to those applicants who have met all published prerequisites and standards, have the best overall qualifications, and are considered most suited to our program. Your hold status means that although not selected immediately for an interview, your application moving forward may be selected for an interview at anytime between now and our December interview date. All applicants not selected for an interview will be notified no later
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