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  1. How long has it been? They typically say about 2-3 weeks after your interview. I got my acceptance call 3 weeks and 1 day after my interview.
  2. I just found out that I got accepted into my top choice school so I will be giving up my interview at UT. Hopefully someone will hear something soon! Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Got my acceptance call today!! I am so excited to join this program!
  4. They let us choose which days in November we want
  5. Just got the email invitation for an interview!!
  6. Overall GPA: 3.86, sGPA: 3.81 Pre-req GPA: 3.8, last 60 credits: 3.96 PCE: 1,800 MA, 500 CNA, 220 Ophthalmic scribe/tech (ongoing) HCE & Volunteer: 850 Leadership: ~700 Shadowing: 120
  7. cGPA: 3.85 sGPA: 3.81 GRE: 296 (Only spent 3 days studying because I wanted to apply ASAP) PCE: ~2,500 (MA, CNA and currently a scribe) HCE: 400 Volunteer: ~150 Shadowing: 110 Leadership: ~700 Teaching: 332 LOR: 2 PAs, 1 MD, 1 RN (CNA instructor)
  8. I recieved an interview too!! I'm so excited, USF has been my top choice for years!
  9. Application submitted and verified today! Good luck everyone, USF is my top choice program
  10. Submitted my application: 5/29, verified in just 2 hours. Good luck to everyone applying!!
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