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  1. I was just accepted off the waitlist for the dual degree program (MSCR)!!!! I’m in tears!
  2. Anyone else on the waitlist receive an email with immunization information?
  3. Interviewed 11/10, just got a rejection email. Pretty devastated
  4. The email said interview days would be held November 9-20, though when I logged on I only had 3 days, 11/9-11, available.
  5. Just received an email that I was waitlisted for the dual degree (MSCR). Based on the email, seemed like they really liked me but don’t have any open seats. Super sad as I was so excited for this program and felt I interviewed really well! Crossing my fingers that I come off the waitlist! Anyone else, who interviewed on 10/6, hear back yet?
  6. Received a interview invite for 10/6!! Technically received it last night, but saw it this morning. Such short notice but so so happy!! I’m a re-applicant but first time with Campbell! CASPA submitted- 8/1 Supp submitted- 8/30 Email received- 8/30 Dual Degree applicant for MSCR! Don’t lose hope ya’ll!
  7. I wouldn’t say it’s late in the game, the only concern, specifically for you, is that you submitted after the deadline (Which for Cornell was 9/1).
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