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  1. Hi all! First year PA student here. Congrats to all that have been accepted!!! To those waitlisted - don't give up hope! There is truly so much movement - I was waitlisted at CSOM too and it all worked out. Keep an eye out for an email from Ms. Azor containing a link to the Facebook page for Class of 2023. If you have any questions please post them there and one of my classmates or I will be responding to them. Congrats again! And best of luck to those still waiting!
  2. 1st year CSOM student here - congrats to those who interviewed today - so great meeting you guys! To those who haven’t heard back yet, stay patient and best of luck! Just wanted to remind you that we have PA Club meetings every Thursday on campus in Harris Hall room 109 from 12:30-1:30 where we answer questions and provide application/interview help. Good luck everyone!
  3. Just withdrew my acceptance today - hoping it is afforded to one of you! Best of luck to all!
  4. Hi everyone! I just got invited to interview on 3/5. Looking to see if anyone who has interviewed can shed some light on what the day is like and what to expect. Thank you!
  5. Just talked to Trina - the 2/15 deadline is just for the supplemental app. She said we should expect another email with a link to submit the deposit and a new deadline either today or tomorrow. She also mentioned that we do not have to worry about immunizations/background checks until late spring when the entire program is filled. Hope this helps, and congrats again to everyone accepted
  6. Does anyone know if there's a facebook group yet for accepted students?
  7. accepted from the 2/2 interview!!!! so excited to meet ya'll, best of luck to everyone waiting to hear back!
  8. I contacted admissions - apparently the person who makes the phone calls is out of the office due to a personal matter, so they're hoping to make the calls "late this week/early next week." The waiting game continues...
  9. Has anyone from the 2/2 interview reached out to admissions? I’m surprised to see that nobody has heard back yet, I was hoping for a Monday/Tuesday call!
  10. Trina had said after the 11am interview that a number of people will be getting a phone call on Monday or Tuesday with an acceptance, but if you don't get a phone call it doesn't mean you're not accepted, your file just goes on for further review. Best of luck everyone, hopefully the phone calls roll in soon!
  11. Has anyone from the 2/2 interview received an acceptance phone call yet?
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