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  1. For the Volunteer and Non-Patient Care experience sections, there's a small "Explanation" text box but not a larger text box for description/job duties. Are we still supposed to just write an explanation of the hours there or are we supposed to explain our job duties in that small box?
  2. Hi all! Does anyone know whether leadership or volunteering hours are more valuable in applications? I have a few experiences in which I held leadership positions in volunteering or service work. Should I categorize those as leadership or volunteering? I'm worried that if I categorize them as leadership, it will look like I don't have as many volunteer hours. Thank you!
  3. If I received scholarships to do research, would you categorize it as Achievements (scholarship) or Experiences (research)? Similarly, if I received a fellowship to do service work at a clinic, would you categorize it as Achievements (scholarship) or Experiences (healthcare experience)? If it makes a difference, these scholarships/fellowship are not well-known ones - they were granted from my college, but I did have to apply for them. Thanks!
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