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  1. Did anyone run into the issue of the PreReqs section of the application saying "This page is not completed"? I put in all my classes, but am still getting this message.
  2. Do you guys think not being able to go to the virtual tour will look bad to the admissions committee? Would it be a bad idea to just listen in from my phone at work?
  3. I haven't done the questions yet, but I don't think filling the character count is necessary, as long as you feel you answered the question! Also, does anyone know if this program allows for any outstanding prerequisite courses?
  4. Just want to check- Has anyone received a confirmation email from LIU admissions after applying? (besides the email CASPA sends for verification) or should we expect not to get an email until after the deadline?
  5. I haven't heard anything since submitting the secondary
  6. When did people receive their supplemental application?
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