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  1. Hi, Are you Arleht, Cassidy's Aunt's friend?
  2. HI! I'm a super non-traditional student (so it's never to late to start) BA in psychology, GPA at graduation 2.5 cGPA after taking prerequistis post-Bacc 3.65, Science GPA 3.85 Patient care hours 10,000+ (I've been an MA and Phlebotomist for 5 years). I worked in law enforcement for 9 years prior to changing careers to become a PA. I got in this year.
  3. Ditto. My whole office is waiting with me. As soon as i know if it's a yes, i have to give my notice at my job and train my replacement.
  4. https://www.criminaldefenselawyer.com/resources/criminal-defense/crime-penalties/minnesota-minor-possession-alcohol-charges-penal
  5. I think your experience in the NURSING environment is just that, the nursing and CNA environment. As a MA in a primary care office, yes I have an environment that is more 'feminine' and chatty, but then that is ONLY within the MA pool. That being said, everyone is a work-family in our current group and it actually fosters an environment where the patient care is paramount while joking around to deal with the fact that we are taking care of grumpy patients, foul urine, wild looking wounds, cancer patients that are actively dying, etc . The PAs themselves are less gossipy, more focused on their work, same with the Doctors I work for. I think you need to just be aware of the culture of the group that you are with and within certain specialties you are going to have more of that levity than others. I think Going the ER route is great but just know that you are going to have to get comfortable with the office/floor politics and gossip wherever you go.
  6. Rivas Said that at the test day 02/20, Orientation would also cost ~460$ on top of the $500 seat deposit. Either way, we'll know when they send us the acceptance.
  7. Orientation is supposed to start 5/6/2019 and classes start 05/13/2019 from what i was told
  8. Ditto! Good luck, Can't wait to call you all my classmates!
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